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The Drengin Empire


The Drengin…


The Drengin are a violent race. Their malevolence is remarkable if for no other reason than the fact that it completely displaces the theory that any civilization advanced enough for space travel would be peaceful or at least reasonable.


The Drengin have had space travel for a very long time.  By our count, the first fission powered Drengin ships were exploring their solar system approximately 100,000 years ago. Such ships were too slow to travel significant distances with a crew.


The Drengin, however, are nothing if not cunning. Like the Arceans, the Drengin sent out probes to all corners of the galaxy. They have long since explored the galaxy and know which stars are most likely to contain inhabitable planets. This is an advantage that we must be quite wary of. While our advanced orbiting telescopes tell us where the stars are, we do not, for instance, know whether XR104 (aka Thantil in the Arcean star chart) contains inhabitable planets.  The Drengin, however do.


The Drengin are a race of conquerors. But invading a planet is no small task. Especially through great distances.  At some point in their journeys, they came to know how to build star gates. And one of their probes came across a pre-industrial civilization known as the Torians.  The Torians had been a slave world of a powerful ancient race called the Precursors. We know not what happened to them yet.  The Drengin probe learned a great deal thanks to its micro probes that, over a few thousand years, mapped out the Torian home world and observed a great deal of behavior.


It was decided then that the Drengin would conquer this world. But how? A Drengin task force was put together. Not an invasion force, but a force of engineers, builders, and scientists. Put into cryogenic suspension, this force was sent in the Drengin’s fastest fission based ship that would reach .1 the speed of light eventually. After over 300 years of travel, the task force awoke and found itself in orbit of the Torian home world. Over the course of 30 years, the Drengin team constructed a stargate. When activated, the stargate allowed a Drengin invasion force to conquer and enslave the Torians.


The Drengin used guile to secure a foothold. Claiming they were the Precursors returned, the Drengin were able to turn various Torian factions against one another – the “believers” and the “unbelievers”.  Supplying the believers with just enough weapons and supplies to have a slight advantage, the believers eventually defeated the unbelievers only to find themselves crushed by Drengin shock troops once the war was over.


And for 35,000 years, the Torians were enslaved by the Drengin. Great acts of cruelty on the part of the Drengin and heroism by the Torians were commited which are not discussed here.   


The Torians eventually became technologically sophisticated and the Drengin, arrogant in their confidence, became lax in securing their star gate. Eventually, a force of Torians were able to destroy the star gate and wage a bloody battle to reclaim their world. This battle took over 2,000 years to complete and resulted in the deaths of over 3 billion Torians and 65,000 Drengin.  But eventually, sheer numbers, determination, and dwindling supplies caused the Drengin to lose.  There were no survivors on the side of the Drengin.


This episode taught the Drengin many lessons. And it was a lesson observed by the Arceans as well.  But the Drengin are truly unique amongst all the space faring civilizations. Not because of random cruelty but because of their consistent, almost premeditated cruelty.


Some anthropologists on Earth believe that the Drengin are still influenced by the Precursors. Our contact with other races was limited to information prior to the sudden ending of all communications when all races turned off their star gates, but the information gained from the Altarians indicates that they have long believed that believe that there is a force behind the imperial throne of the Drengin that is precursor in nature. Specifically they believe it may be a Dread Knight (one of the powerful minions of the Precursor caste known as the “Dread Lords”). And it is through this Dread Knight that the Drengin have become so singular in purpose and cruelty. For the Precursors were allegedly immortal. As a result, they tended not to value the lives of any mortal race. To them, whether a being lived 30 years or 80 years was immaterial. They were going to die in the blink of an eye any way and hence the Dread Lords apparently saw mortals as existing purely for their pleasure. 


Put another way, the Drengin, it is believed, behave much like mortal versions of the Precursor race of Dread Lords. Dispensing pain and misery on all they encounter for the sheer pleasure in doing so.


While in human history there have been incidents of utter evil, such evil has usually been perpetrated by a handful of vile people. Or at worst, perpetrated by soldiers “following orders” led by a vile evil leader.  But with the Drengin, every soldier, civilian, and leader is apparently vile and evil beyond our understanding.


Many pundits, particularly on the left, believe that we have merely been fed propaganda from the Altarians who, one notes, look like humans and yet have shared the least information about themselves with us. In addition, they argue that we are not in a position to judge other cultures. Their ways are their ways. 


But it is hard to conclude that the Drengin are anything but a horrific evil race bent on spreading cruelty and misery throughout the galaxy. The information regarding the death toll on the Torians caused by the Drengin is corroborated by the Altarians, Arceans, and Torians themselves.  And there is the fact that the Drengin referred to us in our conversations as Ne-âh which literally translates into “slaveling”.

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