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The Torians

The Torians..


The Torians were once a peaceful, innocent people. They evolved into their present form before homo sapiens walked the earth. Around 500,000 years ago, the Torians began their civilization.


And for awhile, it was good. Toria is a single land mass. Most of the planet is water. In fact, far more of Toria is water than even here on Earth. The landmass of Toria, however, is shaped oddly like a giant running string. It’s as if a huge archipelago was stretched around the equator came together into a single land mass.


For a hundred thousand years or so, the world was broken into many groups of large stone age tribes. That is when the Precursors are said to have arrived.


The Precursors, as has been discussed elsewhere, had two “races” amongst them.  The Dread Lords, and the Arnor.  Both originally came from a mythical planet known as Arnor and at some point the Arnor drove the Dread Lords off that world.  The Dread Lords, not content to wander the galaxy, set up an empire with the goal of reclaiming their home world and exterminating the Arnor.  To this end, they came to Toria and made slaves of the Torians who worshipped the Dread Lords as gods.  To any primitive people, the Dread Lords must have seemed like gods.  For they were immortal as far as we can tell and allegedly had powers of mind and body that our understanding of physics strictly prohibits (but this is all hearsay, there is no material evidence that these “Precursors” even existed).


The mortal races were largely too weak to be of much use to the Dread Lords but they did make good soldiers. The Dread Lords were not technologically minded as we understand it. Their power was allegedly innate, that is, they were able to create the things they needed instinctively as an extension of themselves. As a result, the Dread Lords had no need of industry or manufacturing.  The Torians were hence used as force labor and soldiers to keep other slave races in line.


This occupation kept the Torians from advancing further. At some point, probably around 200,000 years ago, technological advancement came to an end for them. Their level of technological sophistication was roughly equivalent to classic greek (Athens/Sparta) early bronze age.


And then came the event known as the cataclysm. The time of the final war between the Arnor and Dread Lords. The outcome of that war is unknown. All that is known is that the Precursors disappeared and the planet of Arnor is not known to exist anywhere.


The Torians, now free of enslavement, once again began moving forward. And for another 100,000 to 150,000 years they gradually progressed. That is, until emissaries came who claimed to be Precursor soldiers coming to reclaim the world.


There were not enough of these mysterious soldiers to enforce their will. Which was in itself a contradiction. For even a handful of Precursors could control and command an entire world. These beings, while possessing powers (in the form of weapons) were much more limited.  Toria was quickly divided in how to handle this.  On the one hand, there were those who believed these beings were the Precursors returned. And those who were skeptical who believed them to be outsiders posing as gods.


A horrific battle ensued and the believers, after a time, gained the upper hand. But enough time had passed and enough Torians had been killed through generations of warfare to make the planet ripe for the taking. Only then were the mysterious soldiers seen for what they were – Drengin. 


The Drengin had discovered Toria long ago through one of their robotic probes. Seeing a planet ripe for the taking, they sent a crew suspended in hibernation to build a star gate in orbit of Toria.  It was a long process and hence Drengin emissaries had to take residence on Toria for supplies (food, water, resources, etc.).  Eventually the star gate was complete and the invasion force arrived just as the civil war was ending.  The Torians were enslaved for thousands of years by the Drengin.


The Torians, a peaceful, docile people slowly learned cunning through years of cruelty at the hands of the Drengin. Eventually, a great leader known as Martôk emerged who was cunning and stealthy and came to recognize that the Drengin had a weak spot – the star gate.  Over the centuries, Torian slaves were the ones assigned to maintain the more hazardous parts of the star gate. 


A star gate is immense in size.  Larger in area than the largest city on earth. Thousands of Torians worked on the star gate as slaves to keep it running. In time, Martôk and his followers managed to infiltrate enough men onto the star gate to arrange its destruction.


Once the star gate was destroyed, the 65,000 or so Drengin on the planet were on their own to fight the billions of Torians.  The Drengin are fierce warriors. They are also cunning, fearless, and cruel. And unfortunately for the Torians, they were also well armed and well supplied -- at least for the time being.


Martôk had managed to escape the destruction of the star gate (which is itself quite an adventure that is not discussed here). The Drengin killed Torians by the millions.  A single Drengin shock trooper could easily kill a thousand Torians with his weapons and training. And the Drengin were well led as well. Their leader, Kornath, was a powerful warrior and great leader of men. And despite the overwhelming numbers, Koranth exterminated a large percentage of the Torian population. 


It was inevitable that Koranth the terrible and Martôk would meet and the battle that ensued was terrible beyond imagination.  Koranth and his troops were armed with super heated projectiles (imagine bullets that were super heated).  The Torians armed only with bronze age level weapons.  Martôk had over half a million Torians in his army.  Koranth led 3 legions of Drengin troops that numbered around 15,000.


The legend of Martôk is impossible to verify today because, like all legends, it has passed into mythical proportions. Given that Martôk is considered the savior of the Torian people, the events of this day should be taken with a grain of salt.  What we do know is that the Torians, despite losing all but 5,000 soldiers, won the day killing every Drengin, including Koranth.  The legend, however, says that eventually Martôk’s army was destroyed other than a small group of 5,000 soldiers and that nearly an even number of Drengin soldiers still remained at that point.  But Martôk was possessed of a power, a strength beyond mortal understanding.  Some say that he found a piece of some sort of crystal that is said to have been left over from the Precursors. And that this crystal gave him the strength and ability of many mortal men and made him practically invulnerable.  And hence, the legend goes on to say that he personally slew thousands of Drengin soldiers with just his sword and that the Drengin’s weapons had no effect on him.


And on that battlefield, Martôk and Koranth fought each other and despite Koranth’s legendary strength and cunning, Martôk slew him.  And the remaining Drengin were dismayed and panicked and so came to their end.


Without Koranth, the Drengin were less effective. And their supplies, especially in terms of ammunition, not having a way to replace their losses, eventually ensured their downfall. The death of Koranth was the turning point. The Torian losses were unsustainable while Koranth led the Drengin.  But with Koran’s passing, the Drengin were never again as effective and overcome by the sheer numbers of Torians.


In the end, billions of Torians died.  But no Drengin survived the war. Martôk became a great king of a united Toria and laid the foundation of a solid legacy. Enough Drengin material was left over for the Torians to slowly advance to the same level as the Drengin were. 


Within a thousand years ago, the Torians too were sending out their own probes, mapping out the galaxy. Their hatred of the Drengin has cooled somewhat. For the Torians were hardened by their experience and their mapping of the galaxy exposing them to rich worlds for the taking if only they could reach those worlds.


Their contact with humanity has certainly been fruitful. With the sharing of hyperdrive technology, the Torians can now make good on their dream of having an empire of their own and possibly subjects of their own…

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