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Metaverse Rules & Guidelines

Overview: The Metaverse is Galactic Civilizations' answer to a high score list. After you have completed your game in Galactic Civilizations you will have the option to submit your game score to the Metaverse. An overall score will be calculated based on all the games that you have submitted and you will be able to view your ranking in the Metaverse and compare it against your friends and foes. Additionally, you can also team up with other players to form an Empire and then compete against other Empires. In order to help guide you through the Metaverse please read through the rules and guidelines below.

1) Posting your scores on the Metaverse: To have your games scores appear on the Metaverse you must do 2 things: a) First you must submit a game. When submitting a game you must choose a player name (alias) that your games will be assigned to. b) You must register your player on the Metaverse. The player name you submit your games with must match the player name that you have registered.

2) Registering your player on the Metaverse. When registering your player on the Metaverse you must include the serial number that you received with your game and a player name. The player name that you register should be the exact same player name that you will use to submit your scores. Do not share your serial number with your friends as it is exclusively registered to you.

3) You can only have 1 player name registered at a time. Let's say you have submitted 2 scores. The first score submitted using the player name of "The Mighty Drengin" and the second score was submitted under the player name of "Sneaky Sam". And on the Metaverse you have registered the player "The Mighty Drengin". When you view your scores that you have submitted you will only be able to see the scores for "The Mighty Drengin" as that is the current player you have registered. Sneaky Sam's scores will be ignored and will not be used in the calculation of your overall score.

4) Player Names: It is very important that you submit your games with the same name that you have registered. If you submitted your game using the player name of "Battle Master" but you have registered "BattleMaster" (Without the space in the name) then you will not see the score you submitted because the player name that the game score was submitted with does not match the player name you have registered.

5) You can only submit a game under one single player name. Lets say you submitted a saved game under the player name of "Galactic Force". Then at a later time you realized that is not the name you wanted to use so you decide to re-submit the game under the name of "Sneaky Sam". Your re-submission of that game will be ignored and not saved to the Metaverse because it was previously submitted under the name of "Galactic Force".

6) You may re-submit a saved game score 1 time. Let's say you started a game and saved it early on, because after all its a really good map, you play the game and at its conclusion you submit the game. After the game has ended you say to yourself "You know, I know I can do better than that!" so you decided to reload from that saved game and replay it to get a better score. At the end of the game you can resubmit the score for that game and your score for that game on the Metaverse will be updated. Once a game has been updated on the Metaverse it will not accept any more updates.

7) Updating your GalCiv registration to a registration. When your game is submitted your serial number will be submitted along with your score. All scores on the Metaverse are directly tied to your player name and your serial number. At some point if you upgrade to you will receive a new serial number. Once you have received this new serial number you should register on your system via Stardock Central. Then you should upgrade your Player Registration on the Metaverse to include your new serial number by converting your old scores to use the new Drengin serial. Because of the different serial numbers you must convert your old scores, submitted under your GalCiv serial number, to the serial number in order for both your old and new scores to show up together. On the Player Registration page there is a separate section for you to convert your serial number. Enter your serial number there and press the convert button. This action will change all your scores to use your new serial number and then change your player registration to use this number as well. From this point on all future scores should be submitted using the serial number and should show up on the Metaverse along with your old scores. If for some reason you have already entered your serial number but did not go through the conversion process don't worry. Just re-register your player with your original GalCiv serial number. Then return to the Player Registration screen and the conversion form will now be available. Just follow the process outlined above.

8) When you can submit your score to the Metaverse: In order to submit your game score to the Metaverse you must be connected to the Internet when the game ends. The screen to submit your score will only appear if there is an active connection.

9) Firewalls and Ad Blocking software: If you are behind a firewall or running ad blocking software then it is possible that those may prevent Galactic Civilizations from properly communicating with our servers and cause the score submission to fail. Either configure or disable them to allow GalCiv.exe to pass through to

10) Playing Fair: The Metaverse should be a friendly competition. Please keep it friendly and do not cheat. If we suspect that a score has been tampered with we will delete that score without hesitation or question. We may also disable your account without warning. So please play fair!

11) Game Data: When submitting your score to the Metaverse, Galactic Civilizations is also sending additional information about the game that you played. Such as victory conditions, difficulty levels, technologies researched and more. Some of this data can be viewed when looking at another player's profile. Viewing this data may help you gain some insight on how other player's play the game. As the game evolves we will continue to collect more data on the game. As we see fit we will allow this data for public viewing, so you can try to understand other player's strategies.

12) Empires: Empires are a cool aspect of the Metaverse as it allows you to team up with your friends and compete against other Empires. You can either create your own empire or join an existing empire. Some Empire's are by invitation only. So if the Join button is available then you know that that Empire is open to allow anyone to join. Otherwise they have their Empire set to private mode where players can only join by invitation only.

13) Metavese Legend: As you submit more and more games to the Metaverse there are certain milestones that can be achieved. These milestones are represented by icons in your profile that reflect your ranking or certain medals that you may have gained along the way. For a list of these milestones please visit the Metaverse Legend.


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