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Great War Scenario 
Author: Daynarr

Library: Scenarios
Category: Main
File Size: 775 bytes
Overall downloads: 2282
Today's downloads: 2282

Great War is a scenario where all major races are engaged into permanent war with each other. Research and population growth is very slow, and influence has reduced effect. Players start with Stellar Cartography tech (you can see location of all yellow stars) and 10000 gold to partially compensate reduced trade. Minors play a large role here as they will colonize more aggressively and will invade. In this scenario, trade is only possible with minors.
Uploaded: 1/28/2005
Updated: 1/28/2005
Cobra advanced fighter 
Author: AngleWyrm

Library: Ships
Category: Main
File Size: 963 bytes
Overall downloads: 3128
Today's downloads: 3128

Cobra fighter: $75, A:8, D:1, HP:12
During the pre-Frigate years, the Star Fighter and then Corvette reigned supreme, with Defenders guarding and BattleAxes owning home ports. But with the advent of Frigates, until the invention of the Death Knight, the Star Fighter had become obsolete. Enter the Cobra, a rapid production fighter that came in towards the end of the Corvette days, and continued to be useful until the Death Knight.
Uploaded: 1/12/2005
Updated: 1/12/2005
Matt Rodgers 
Author: mrodgers

Library: Scenarios
Category: Main
File Size: 1 k
Overall downloads: 2069
Today's downloads: 2069

The universe has changed...In an attempt to hyperevolve and rule the galaxy the dread Yor have blown up their planet, their civilization, all of their peoples. This has had a staggering impact on the very fabric of space-time. Interstellar travel has slowed to a crawl while the very technology that created the Yor has scattered to the 4 corners of the galaxy. As a result, there has been a boom in technological development and thanks to the remains peoples have finally discovered a way to control wormholes. Its your job to survive and do what all humans do best....Rule the Galaxy!
Uploaded: 1/9/2005
Updated: 1/9/2005
Galactic Core 4_009 28x28 
Author: Dragon Emperor

Library: Maps
Category: Main
File Size: 11 k
Overall downloads: 2274
Today's downloads: 2274

Story Long ago the Precussors began building a utopian Galaxy for their own uses, intending on withdrawing there and leaving the other galaxies empty for new civilizations. They vanished before their new galaxy on the edge of the universe was complete, but what they accomplished was incredible. Description This map provides a nice cluster of 4 sectors for each major race along the outer rim of the galaxy. Each race has a very nice home system. There are evenly spaced quad sectors of lesser quality and an extremely rich galactic core. Evenly spaced lone systems form connections between the regions. Holding atleast part of the core is extremely vital to victory (though an very hard won victory, "may" be possible without doing so). Minor races should NOT be used on this map. All regions in this galaxy are richer than in 3_006 (especially the core, which also has increased influence). There are less connecting systems as well.
Uploaded: 1/1/2005
Updated: 1/1/2005
Drengin Redemption 
Author: RobfoMaaus

Library: Campaigns
Category: Main
File Size: 15 k
Overall downloads: 2203
Today's downloads: 2203

Humans embark on the exploration of the galaxy only to find that there are evil civilizations out there driven by powers that they will never comprehend.
Uploaded: 12/23/2004
Updated: 12/23/2004
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