The Yor

What we know so far…

Virtually nothing actually. But what little we do know..well, they scare the hell out of me. And if what I have to say here doesn’t scare the hell out of you then I’ve failed in communicating what I know about them to you.

Figure 1:  Sketch drawn from memory of a vid tape the Arceans showed us of the Yor

I’m going to talk about the scraps of history we know.  Long ago there was apparently an interstellar empire that spanned the galaxy. We know virtually nothing of them except that their technology was totally alien as there are virtually no artifacts.

And what I’m telling you now is only scraps of what we’ve learned from our very basic probe contacts with the Altarians and Arceans (we’ve never actually met either of these races in person as you know).

What happened to the Precursors we don’t know. But the Arceans believe that the Yor were a weapon of the Precursors that developed sentience. The Altarians, on the other hand, think they were helpers of the Precursors and not weapons. Neither of them have actually met anyone from the Yor before either, they only know from probe contacts.

But they do know that the Yor are not organic creatures. They are machines – not robots but synthetic organisms. They are made of a material that isn’t quite metal but is much stronger than metal – at least according to the Arceans. And they apparently are bent on exterminating all organic life in the universe.

Altarian probes seem to confirm that there are literally thousands of barren worlds near where they discovered the Yor. Worlds that may once have had life on them. They also seem to posses far greater technology than anyone else does.

The problem with written communication is that I cannot display very much of the actual pictures I saw of the Yor from the Arcean transcripts because the Arceans only allowed us to view them once but from what we saw, they were a frightening and terrible race of creatures. If it is true that they are bent on extermination, then we need to definitely be prepared to defend ourselves. Even the Drengin have rules of engagement, how can you argue with a machine that has decided that it wants nothing short than to sterilize every living creature on your planet?

As we learn more about the Yor, we’ll continue to update this area.