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Galactic Screenshots
GalCiv Universe Jan, 2003
Here's a concept drawing for showing what GalCiv is all about.
The United Planets Aug, 2002
The results of the United Planets are binding. Hence, being part of it while optional does have its advantages.
Before hyper space Feb, 2002
Here is a shot of a transport on it's way to a distant system before Hyper space was available.
Battles in space Jan, 2003
Each game is designed to feel like its own epic story complete with cut scenes and unique events.
Evil Ways Feb, 2002
If you choose to be an evil emperor, you will notice some changes with the overall look of the game. This, for instance, is what your news robot will look like if you choose the path of evil.
Groveling Aug, 2002
The Drengin have crushed my military. The AI in GalCiv is very sophisticated. It will speak to you as a human would.
A tangled web Aug, 2002
While there will be dozens of civilizations in the galaxy, our story focuses on the 6 major powers and their interactions. Getting the minor races to work with you is a major challenge.
Guns or Butter? Nov, 2002
You have total control over your budget. You can even go in debt if you''d like (though it upsets the voters over time).
The major civilizations Aug, 2002
There are 6 major civilizations in the galaxy along with lots of minor races to contend with. You can set up each alien civilization to be exactly how you want them (and rename them to whatever you desire as well).
The Events Aug, 2002
Rather than having a linear campaign, Galactic Civilizations focuses on replayability via random events that alter each game in subtle ways. The events aren''t arbitrary or balance destroying but rather present new opportunities and challenges for all civilizations.
Micromanagement is optional Aug, 2002
Many games get bogged down during the later stages. In GalCiv, players can assign governors to manage the planets. No AI involved, you tell the governors what to do and they automatically do it.
Planetary Management Mar, 2003
On your planets you can build both military and social projects at the same time.
Good Oct, 2002
One of the interesting things about GalCiv is that you really are building a civilization. Take the path of "good" and the way the game looks, feels, and talks to you changes.
Warfare in deep space Nov, 2002
Using your diplomatic prowness you can often get civilizations to war with one another while staying officially neutral.
Massive customization Jan, 2003
In GalCiv you play as leader of humanity. But don''t be fooled, you can customize your civilization both before the game begins as well as during the game to fit your own unique style of play.
Intervention Sep, 2002
The galaxy is a tough place, one never knows what events may alter the course of galactic history.
Trade pretty much anything Nov, 2002
A lot of effort is going into alien negotiation. Players can trade and give pretty much anything to other civilizations. Is a friendly civilization losing a war? Give them some star ships. Trade influence for technologies. Or persuade a civilization to go to war against someone else (without you having to be at war with them).
Up to 36 civilizations! Nov, 2002
There are 6 major civilizations and up to 30 minor civilizations. Minor civilizations exist in many different forms from being the result of revolutions, defections, wormholes, religious movements as well as just being..well minor. Minor races have the same AI engine as the major races, they are only different in that they don''t count towards victory conditions. This means you can trade with them, make alliances with them, incite them to battle others, etc.
Join the darkside Oct, 2002
On the other hand, you can choose to join the darkside where a host of different technologies await you. Additionally, the game UI changes to reflect your civilization''''s tastes..
Uniting the galaxy Oct, 2002
There are several paths to victory. one path is to unite the galaxy together through alliances (squashing those who don''t see things quite that way).
Diplomatic events Oct, 2002
Rather than have a campaign, GalCiv is packing in a ton of events to ensure high replayability. For instance, you may play the game for months before running into this scenario where zealots secretly terraform a group of star systems and form a new violent civilization.
Elections Nov, 2002
Choose a political party. Each political party gives you different strengths and weaknesses. Lose control of your senate and you take on the weaknesses of the party that takes control. Keep those voters happy!
What kind of Civilization are you? Nov, 2002
There are many paths you can take in GalCiv. You can take the path of good or evil or somewhere in between. Depending on your choices, different technologies, star ships, planetary wonders, become available. The game visually changes (interface and all) depending on your path. How different civilizations treat you is heavily dependent on what kind of civilization you create.
Stats? You want stats?! Nov, 2002
GalCiv tracks statistics in countless numbers of areas. Learn the ins and outs of each civilization along with your own. GalCiv is a stat nut''s dream game.
A dangerous galaxy Jan, 2003
Galactic Civilizations supports up to 36 civilizations. But not all civilizations are of the conventional kind, some may come from linked events that may spell the doom of millions...
Espionage Jan, 2003
Players can spy and destabilize other civilizations for technology, information, intelligence, and more. In GalCiv, espionage hooks into the dozens of random events that can deliver unpredictable results that are more realistic than the standard "technology X stolen" and "building Y destroyed".

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