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GC 1.21 Stand alone
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by Citizen humane - 8/13/2004 9:01:10 AM

Does anybody know if there are plans to provide GC 1.21 as a stand alone download on the galciv site?

#1  by Citizen ForesterGC - 8/13/2004 11:48:27 AM

Why would you want to?

AP give the game more depth.

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#2  by Citizen humane - 8/13/2004 12:30:29 PM

Do you have $20 bucks I could borrow...

#3  by Citizen NewfyScotian - 8/13/2004 1:47:14 PM

They have v1.20 as a download. That is probably a patch. Can't you use stardock central to do the rest of the upgrade to v1.21 ?

#4  by Senator CariElf - 8/18/2004 4:17:10 PM

Yes there will be one but I don't know when.

#5  by Citizen civilis - 1/14/2005 10:57:59 AM

Can anybody tell which (exact) version the stand alone download on the galciv site is?

kind of "1.2"

PS. On the PC which I use for downloading patches etc. I'm not allowed to install anything, eg. SDC.
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#6  by Citizen civilis - 1/18/2005 7:13:11 AM

This "1.2" reveals as galciv120_update.exe from 24Feb04 16:35

At home I can install SDC, but have only a 28.8 bits/sec connection.
In the office we have fast Ethernet, but I may NOT install anything like SDC.

I don't think a protection scheme, which forces me to install software & to use a really low speed connection in order to update more than once a year (if ever??), to be more comfortable than the usual "musthave CD in drive".

I LIKE GALCIV, but am waiting now a year to update to 1.21.

18Mar04 Frogboy: "1.21 will probably come in a few weeks ..."
19Apr04 Frogboy: "1.21 pretty close ..."
22Apr04 CariElf: "1.21 will arrive around the time of AP first release ..."
3May04 Frogboy: "1.21 later this month ..."

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#7  by Citizen civilis - 1/24/2005 9:24:30 AM

Oh, stupid me. I forgot the question

Will there be a stand alone patch beyond 1.20 in 2005?

#8  by Citizen Joe Bfstplk - 11/21/2006 9:20:30 PM

Will there be a stand alone patch beyond 1.20 in 2005?

Well, we're nearly at the end of 2006 and still no stand alone patch beyond 1.20.

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