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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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1784days GalCiv1 Tech SupportVeteran kryo 1 replies
2502days German + French Data Files (Gal Civ 1.2)Senator CariElf 62 replies
2502days Star Wars mod now availableCitizen MadMaz 184 replies
1670days Can it be true?Citizen Atrahasis 11 replies
1670days GalCiv WriterCitizen GandalfTG 5 replies
1742days I am curious.Citizen DARCA1213 4 replies
1784days Who's still here?Citizen Amaymon 42 replies
1999days Localization problemCitizen CitRuss 0 replies
2120days life supportCitizen raphael75 0 replies
2153days Animation freezesCitizen 74goldie 0 replies
2187days T h e - C a r i E l f - f a n c l u bVeteran MM77 680 replies
2187days ModdingCitizen Nastytang 0 replies
2192days Compatibility with W7 and W8Citizen marty63 3 replies
2293days Another Scoring Anomaly - This time an unexplainable huge jump upwards!!!Citizen Dragonshrike 3 replies
2322days no cd key for steam purchaseCitizen zinover 3 replies
2344days Hello? If there is anybody still here... (Newbie. Of sorts...)Citizen CBRJGWRR 1 replies
2412days HelpCitizen X17Guard 0 replies
2431days Mods BIG problem...Citizen Jacob46719 0 replies
2457days Combat LagsCitizen Verdulum 0 replies
2472days CD check invalid on Win XPCitizen Kaeru Gaman 0 replies
2502days Galactic Civilizations comes to SteamAvatar Frogboy 0 replies
2597days Galactic CivilizationsCitizen Mandrall 1 replies
2786days GalCiv doesn't work on VistaCitizen Mrylanxus 8 replies
2798days re poll: Would you pre-order on-line a Master of Magic 2? Citizen Coplann 398 replies
2816days Gamer's Dream graphics cardCitizen SahrahsaheIcnoyotl 0 replies
2816days Whats the 'best' gaming laptop on the market for $1K or less??Citizen SahrahsaheIcnoyotl 0 replies
2841days Missing TechnologyCitizen Mulsimine 2 replies
2913days Early conquest victory scores so low...Citizen Hitherto 0 replies
2959days Death of Galactic CivilizationCitizen Zerenoth9 31 replies
2986days Re:GalCiv WriterCitizen Joe90secretagent 0 replies
3039days GalCiv 1.20 Error @ StartupCitizen BorgKing256 0 replies
3107days Arrow Keys does not work, how can I move my ships?Citizen SebastiaanKruis 1 replies
3135days Bugs in 1.22?Veteran Darkspire 0 replies
3192days Windows 7 CompatibilityCitizen EDupuis 3 replies
3258days что мне делать?Citizen sanya12grehov 0 replies
3259days что?Citizen sanya12grehov 0 replies
3302days Economy Help Please!Citizen ibshortkid1994 4 replies
3303days CutscenesCitizen Awas73 0 replies
3304days GalCiv Graphic Editing Suite ( release )Veteran Dark Rain 65 replies
3304days GalCiv Graphic Editing SuiteCitizen Awas73 0 replies
3353days galciv serial numberCitizen NimrodBlack 1 replies
3353days invalid serial numberCitizen NimrodBlack 0 replies
3354days Help!Citizen wolfmatt 0 replies
3418days Terror Stars and RangeCitizen Gaius 21 replies
3455days Advanced Technology Tree GuideCitizen Kreator3 16 replies
3472days Guide for beginners?Citizen LordJezo 2 replies
3472days Designing ships (newbie question)Citizen JeremyHigdon 2 replies
3527days Serial NumberCitizen jpath 6 replies
3550days Eliminating the Randomness of the United Planets Issues that are Voted OnCitizen Dragonshrike 1 replies
3551days Is there any way to control the agenda of the United Planets?Citizen Captain_Chaos 7 replies
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