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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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4127days question - boosting up trade with starbasesCitizen Faello 2 replies
4133days Altarian Prophecy Purchase Seperate from GCI UltimateCitizen Wraith717 3 replies
4134days ModsCitizen Axar5 4 replies
4135days Very Important: DolphinsCitizen Amaymon 3 replies
4138days Downloading GC1:Ultimate EditionCitizen 0110100 3 replies
4143days united states president republican 2008 stephen d macmillanCitizen presidentcandidate 0 replies
4143days united states president republican 2008 stephen d macmillanCitizen presidentcandidate 0 replies
4145days ::ATTENTION:: Members of the Jedi RepublicCitizen Arcilte 71 replies
4149days Loading Saved GamesCitizen MrSpank 1 replies
4149days DolphinsCitizen Amaymon 0 replies
4151days Need Money Quick!Citizen Emperor Artemis 2 replies
4157days BugCitizen Spacepundit 0 replies
4170days AI problems Gal Civ 1Citizen Spaceslug 1 replies
4177days campaign problemsCitizen GalCiv newbie 0 replies
4190days A Happy New Year to everybody Citizen Walldorf2000 0 replies
4195days Galactic Civilizations Expanded Universe (1.20) in hungarian languageCitizen SJ82 0 replies
4195days Ultimate edition thingCitizen 0110100 1 replies
4201days Merry Christmas for everyoneCitizen Walldorf2000 0 replies
4210days Bugs in AP 1.52Citizen Walldorf2000 0 replies
4213days Alliances helpCitizen Mr Clueless 2 replies
4213days Hello?Citizen BobtheAndroidPenguin 11 replies
4231days GC 1.21 Stand aloneCitizen humane 8 replies
4236days Noobie QuestionCitizen WhoStoleMyNickName 2 replies
4240days Old version score questionCitizen Tregonsee 2 replies
4245days UP / Random / Luck vs. scoreCitizen Tregonsee 1 replies
4254days i can't win!!!!!Citizen The Great 1 6 replies
4259days Basic Score QuestionCitizen Tregonsee 2 replies
4276days Technology victories- too 'easy' or not?Citizen Shivan Hunter 1 replies
4285days lost serial... need help urgentCitizen Yen2x 2 replies
4287days how do i create a modCitizen The Great 1 2 replies
4288days Games still do not show up in MetaverseCitizen Dirty Hairy 3 replies
4296days Suicidal?Citizen Mshkor 1 replies
4314days Galactic civ II helpCitizen 44 Caliber 1 replies
4322days Fehler mit Schwierigkeitsgrad in "GalCiv 1 Gold" (German)Citizen michael_m 3 replies
4323days How do the metaverse points workCitizen Darth Zaul 3 replies
4324days [GAMEDEV] AI and DifficultiesCitizen JtR666 2 replies
4329days Can seem to even get startedCitizen Easy Bake 5 replies
4330days Cultural victoryCitizen flovlien 2 replies
4343days AP Mission 4Citizen Easy Bake 3 replies
4344days Colonizing Star SystemCitizen Nathan Terry 2 replies
4363days how do I play custom maps?Citizen dkuhn kuhn 1 replies
4364days how do I play custom maps?Citizen dkuhn kuhn 0 replies
4374days I'm unable to submit scores to the metaverseCitizen stilanas 21 replies
4374days Submitted score, did not show up.Citizen Dirty Hairy 3 replies
4378days New to this game.Citizen SWBF1234 6 replies
4380days neo tech gamingCitizen Darth Zaul 2 replies
4385days EMPIRES!!Citizen Darth Zaul 0 replies
4385days I'm just startin to play da gameCitizen Maddbobo 2 replies
4387days Just getting started!!!Citizen Kawoom 1 replies
4411days Can not register my Serial Number/ Convert for new Serial number?Citizen Madi I 0 replies
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