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campaign problems
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by Citizen GalCiv newbie - 1/15/2007 1:49:11 AM

Hello, I recently created a campaign and have been having some problems with it.

1. when I go to my campaign not all the text that I typed into the prologue appears and when I go to continue the game crashes. I assumed this was becuase the game has a limit to how much text you can put into the prologue so that is what caused the game to not function so I put a little amount of text in the prologue and it started up fine however I would like to know if it is possable to increase the amount of space that the prologue can take for text so that the game doesnt freeze or crash. if it's not possable then could I alter the ingame text for when I start the campaign game to say what I want. the In game text that I am refering to is the Journey begins screen. I could type the text in there instaid of the prologue. if one or both of these possabilities work than how is it done.

2. I specificly set my scenario that is in my campaign to only play against the Torians and unchecked the rest so that I wouldnt be able to enable the rest of the races. when I whent to the race set up screen in my campaign I noticed that the Torrians were not enabled and instaid the drengins were. I tried to to turn the drengins off but the game wouldnt let me. I tried to enable the Torians but the game wouldnt let me do that either. how do I fix this problem.

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