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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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6076days DARK SCREENS??Citizen VENOM6PAK 0 replies
6077days Unable to submitCitizen Cetane 2 replies
6078days The Galactic Core ForumsSenator Drengin 0 replies
6083days Bonus Pick's.Citizen quinmalkiq 10 replies
6084days Trade for Influence Points?Citizen Walldorf2000 1 replies
6085days Fresh install of GalCiv + AP from SDCentral freezes...Citizen Dekzar 1 replies
6088days Cool Little IdearCitizen SilentAlfa 2 replies
6088days FreighterCitizen Marcus Vindictus 1 replies
6091days Cheat CodesCitizen boilerdog 8 replies
6096days English Data Folder anyone?Citizen necro186 3 replies
6096days Production keeps stoppingCitizen Erax 1 replies
6096days Media Markt offers GC for 9,99 €, Ebay AP+GC for 24,99 €Citizen Walldorf2000 0 replies
6100days  Calling all Trekies and TrekersDiplomat Blue_Steel 134 replies
6100days 2 Questions/Problems I need help with.Citizen Admiral Davis 2 replies
6100days Possible problem with system under cultural pressureCitizen oxygen1234 2 replies
6102days The screen is too dark...I cannae play!Citizen Owen Edwards 2 replies
6105days What happened to the Core? Citizen Amaymon 3 replies
6106days Problem with your anti-piracy policyCitizen psyche1618 8 replies
6106days I have sound with no musicCitizen John Nuchols 1 replies
6111days Altarian Prophecy Culture problemCitizen Aphiticus 4 replies
6113days Gal Civ I proposal listCitizen Ichwilldiablo 8 replies
6114days AI - economy stronger than the player's one?Citizen Ichwilldiablo 5 replies
6117days Metaverse probCitizen Vhaerun 2 replies
6124days A chance for someone to look smart (noob question)Citizen Mooncusser 18 replies
6127days Bug ReportsSenator CariElf 95 replies
6129days Galactic Civilisations Vs. Space EmpiresCitizen Quitch 3 replies
6131days Amazed this hasn't been noticed beforeCitizen LeegleechN 1 replies
6131days GalCiv II - BETA worth purchasing now?Citizen Floobie 1 replies
6135days BETA QuestionCitizen DarkkerThanTheRest 1 replies
6136days An unschooled questionCitizen Jacob Lessing 0 replies
6136days The Tolot Big PackVeteran Icho Tolot 17 replies
6136days An unschooled questionCitizen Jacob Lessing 0 replies
6138days New player with some questionsCitizen CeeTee1 7 replies
6139days Will not accept CD key now.Citizen Scott Jensen 1 replies
6141days Training games?Citizen tylertoo 2 replies
6141days problems with altarian prophecyCitizen sendeth 9 replies
6142days Altarian Expansion won't workCitizen stephen smithn 1 replies
6142days How to deactivate Win Condition ?Citizen stanlub 1 replies
6145days mods permitted in metaverseCitizen Mishamcm 2 replies
6146days Just bought deluxe edition but the Alltarian expansion won't workCitizen stephen smithn 0 replies
6146days Galactic Civilizations GOLD auf Deutsch / in GermanCitizen Walldorf2000 13 replies
6147days Get the Galciv 2: The Dreadlords 8-29-2005 Dev Meeting IRC chat Log and screenshots now!Veteran Cosmic Fox 0 replies
6147days Total surrender - who knows the rules?Citizen Lagodan 1 replies
6149days New Poll About GC1 ExpansionsVeteran Wulfer 2 replies
6149days What am I doing wrong?Citizen Mage246 9 replies
6149days Star Wars map?Citizen NetBaron 2 replies
6151days No more Metaverse recalculation?Citizen Walldorf2000 0 replies
6153days Has metaverse scoring calc. changed??Citizen Thebestaintyou 2 replies
6153days Explanations about some metaverse behaviorsDiplomat Peace Phoenix 66 replies
6153days Crash to desk with GalCiv-APCitizen Emp Palpatine 5 replies
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