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Possible problem with system under cultural pressure
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by Citizen oxygen1234 - 10/14/2005 4:59:51 PM


I'm kinda new at this game, bought it a long time ago and didn't play it much. It's a pretty neat game I've been playing this one civ for way too many hours now.

Anyway, I noticed something that seems weird to me. This is the story: A new civilization appeared and they had a system called Dubhe. I immediately captured it by landing a transport on it. Woohoo, Dubhe is mine.

Now, it happened to be in a sector that was under great influence from another civ. Shortly the system reported that it was under cultural pressure and it was going to revolt. I placed a lot of my ships in orbit to try to prevent this. Later, I added cultural boosts to a nearby starbase and eventually captured the nearest planet belonging to the civ with all the culture.

In doing this, I managed to get my culture level above theirs, but the system still has the little skull icon like it wants to revolt. It also has only 1% morale. In the details screen for the planet, it says: "Warning! a state of emergency has been declared...blahblah...going to revolt... Low morale, coupled with increased cultural pressure of the TERRAN ALLIANCE...

Now, Terran Alliance is the name of MY civ. How can it be under pressure from my civilization, when I already own the planet?

Is there any way to fix this? Having morale at 1% is a little annoying during elections.

This is with galciv 1.22, no expansions or mods or anything.

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#1  by Citizen oxygen1234 - 10/14/2005 6:06:16 PM

I tried destroying the colony and then recolonizing it. When the colony ship landed morale was still at 1%, and it said the same thing about the cultural revolt. I guess it is a bug.

Is there any way to fix this, maybe by editing save files or something?

#2  by Citizen Vhaerun - 10/16/2005 10:55:53 PM

My first thought is that you might have used an invasion tactic to gain access to the planet that might have lowered it's planet quality (PQ) drastically enough to where your citizens didn't like it one bit. If the PQ of the planet isn't 15 or above, you need to build Soil Enhancement and/or Habitat Improvement as soon as possible.

Second, raising cultural influence doesn't raise morale. You'd need to build improvements on the system to raise the morale (entertainment network, for example).

Next is the fact that once you get that little skull mark on a system, it never leaves. I'm not sure if leaving and recolonizing removes it (never tried it actually), but if the colony remains, that will remain for years to come. From what I hear, the skull appears when a colony loses a "saving throw" against the cultural power of the sector's "owner". When a second "saving throw" is lost, the colony switches allegiances.

Good luck.

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