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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Galactic Civilisations Vs. Space Empires
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by Citizen Quitch - 7/10/2005 4:14:24 PM

Back in the day I was a big fan of Space Empires III, going so far as to create my own ship designs. I played the game over and over loving every second of it.

I haven't played a 4X game in a while, and coming back it seems that GC and SE are still top of the pile. I heard good things about the AI of GC, but I know SE has AI mods and more to customise...

That's just speaking from what little I know, but in my experience fans of both sides are better placed to put forward the pros and cons of their favoured game. I know that both are waiting on a new version to come out, but I wanted to know what the pros and cons of each game are and was hoping people could guide me in my search for a new 4X game. Sure, I could try them both, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has more games than time

#1  by Veteran Evil Roy - 7/10/2005 9:25:29 PM

can't speak for SE i'm afraid (SEV is being beta tested as we speak and the game shots do look great) but have to say that GC1 is a very good game, particularly in terms of the AI. Persoanlly reckon it's better the MOO2 which is saying something...

#2  by Citizen eVxx - 8/15/2005 3:31:36 AM

I have Space Empire IV. It is a game with MASSIVE potentials waiting to be unlocked. However, it is also a very bareboned game designed by a small studio. Most of its graphics are simple jpg files in the graphic folders. The sounds are unimpressive at all.

However, it is a deep game that requires LOTS of micromanagement. The A.I. is nice but doesn't have the personality of a more "polished" game, such as GalCiv. In terms of space warfare, it can go alot deeper than most other games, as you can have your carriers launch strike crafts, big ships unleashing heavy weaponry individually as customized components fire one after another at your command. At higher tech levels, it takes awhile just to get a massive battleship to fire all of its weaponry.

It should've been very fun to play... yet all the deep micromanagement, impressive but souless tech-tree (you get to play with Dyson Spheres but the descriptions of the tech themselves are less inspiring) are bogged down by the presentation. At times I couldn't help but feel like playing with a big Excel spreadsheet with some interface on top of it.

It was fun, but in my opinion it was souless. Wheras GalCiv has a soul and background story to go with the Civs.

In today's world, good and spirited graphic and sound goes a long way. It is all about getting the player into the game, wheras SE IV makes you WORK by having to change the ugly graphics, insert your own sound, and even filling in the back-story of the other alien races... all because the extra interface components that come with the package are too poor to be accepted.

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#3  by Citizen zergfest - 9/17/2005 9:55:14 AM

IMHO, Space Empires IV was designed first and foremost to be a great human vs. human game. As such, it succeeded on a huge level. I'm assuming Space Empires V will be the same way.

If SE IV had been written with one-tenth the AI of GalCiv, I think I would have preferred SEIV. There are just so many options available. It really is a great game for Play by Email. Unfortunately, play be email assumes that you can set aside a certain amount of time every day... for the rest of your life. My work schedule typically allows me to sit down for a certain amount of time every few weeks in between lulls in projects. So, I find it much easier to play games against the computer where I can play several turns at one sitting.

Hope this helps you.

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