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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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6153days Problems with Gal Civ Gold Edition Antaran ProphecyCitizen Furcas 2 replies
6154days Buffer over run crashesCitizen Scorpiuscat 2 replies
6154days 1 Planet created 2 Trade Goods in the same month?!Citizen David N Allen 4 replies
6160days Where do I get an update/patch for Altarian Prophesy?Citizen Adam Haas 3 replies
6160days 1.2 patchCitizen crechekaptin 4 replies
6160days Allying w/ minor racesCitizen LordJelac 4 replies
6161days how to get to data file to download extras?Citizen Marlowesarmy 3 replies
6163days hey hbd!!!! Want to join western canadian separatists.Citizen Thebestaintyou 3 replies
6163days Help Alterian ProphecyCitizen FrenchWrath 0 replies
6164days Learning AI?Citizen Quitch 15 replies
6168days Are there better or other map editors/civilization editors out there?Citizen Adam Haas 1 replies
6168days New technology and existing ships questionCitizen Scorpiuscat 2 replies
6168days I'm having problems with my map editor, that came with my Deluxe Edition.Citizen Adam Haas 0 replies
6169days Large # of planets bug back?Citizen Eilarais 3 replies
6170days Custom Map / Aliens do nothing?Citizen AW Trespasser 7 replies
6170days 60000 scoreCitizen Sky Marshall 2 replies
6170days Edit Terror Star??? Citizen Tollen Kell 3 replies
6172days Buy GC1 or wait GC2? Citizen Scorpiuscat 3 replies
6173days Can't upload standard games to metaverse?Citizen AW Trespasser 9 replies
6173days cutsenesCitizen madcatmk3 5 replies
6182days Anyway to change frequency of UP Issues?Citizen Zoomer61 1 replies
6184days AP Crashing - Can't Start!! Help!Citizen Flesrouy 1 replies
6186days Disable Full-Screen Movies?Citizen Zerg_Food 5 replies
6188days Will this run on my meager PC?Citizen Artikay 10 replies
6189days One More Win and I'll Get a Medal!Citizen Zerg_Food 2 replies
6194days Where can I see version history for AP Beta version updates?Citizen ProudCanadian 1 replies
6195days Devious Morality ShiftingCitizen rebnatjen 1 replies
6196days My Screwy AP GameCitizen Vanir 3 replies
6197days Finished but not yet balanced CampaignCitizen Lucian Gyiira 12 replies
6197days HelloCitizen ALiEN_CReaTuRE 3 replies
6200days Strategy for beginnersCitizen xenograffiti 2 replies
6200days Deluxe Ed. Autorun/Install CrashCitizen Jay6684 1 replies
6203days Extremely frustratingCitizen kyecoo 4 replies
6203days PC restart while playing galciv then unable to run the game.Citizen kyecoo 12 replies
6203days metaverse confusionCitizen lord vadar 5 replies
6204days Pink mini-freighter of doom?Citizen Explosive Parrot 3 replies
6205days Annoying and confusing problem after installing either Media Pack or Altarian ProphecyCitizen Phillip Matthewson 2 replies
6209days Easier searching of forums and libraryAmbassador GreenReaper 0 replies
6209days planet quality droppingCitizen Bobbolonicus 5 replies
6210days Is there going to be a standalone patch for AP?Citizen ravagon 1 replies
6211days Noobish QuestionCitizen ILikeFood2 2 replies
6211days Alterian Prophecy Mission 6Citizen chanbrothers 24 replies
6213days Any British Columbians want to join an active empire insted of the dead Can. Alliance Citizen Thebestaintyou 1 replies
6216days New to Galciv, Little help?Citizen mal512 3 replies
6217days GalCiv Multimedia errorCitizen Suicidal Tendencies 1 replies
6218days AI InfluenceCitizen Scrangle 5 replies
6222days Techological advances upgrades ships?Citizen PaladinBajen 3 replies
6223days questionCitizen dsjdsj 18 replies
6224days I'm very displeased. No CD-key in original gamesCitizen Pergolesi 17 replies
6226days click3.wavCitizen GalaFan 1 replies
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