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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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New to Galciv, Little help?
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by Citizen mal512 - 3/27/2005 7:03:01 AM

Hey i grabbed Galciv way back when it first came out so I'm running just flat out vanilla v1.0 at the moment.

Reason being is i'm giving it another run to see if I can get into it or not.
Now I like the game but I have one massive problem thats keeping me from enjoying it.

Every single time I play i find myself so completely absorbed with trying to ensure my economy doesn't tank that ultimately the gameplay never happens.
Now the reason this tanking occurs is simple. Damn Morale.
Now I read a fair amoutn about what was mentioned.
I've only been colonizing 16+PQ planets.
Built soilt and habitat improvements.
Builts every morale boosting improvement under the sun and ontop of that I picked the party with +20% boost to morale.

So long story short i've got morale improvements coming out my....and ontop of that I've got the tax rate at 30%.
Yet...constantly...constantly fighting to keep morale above 43-45%.
And yes I am at war with 2 civ's who MIGHT be de-stabilising, but its been an ongoing problem regardless.

It just strikes me that morale is such an usntable and RAMPANT factor in the game as to for me at least prove to be almost uncontrollable to the point where its leaching my fun.
I've got a PQ 21 planet with all the lovely improvements, 6500 population and its producing 4...FOUR military shields...

The morale is crippling my ability to enjoy this game and in summation I think so far I've literally done everything conceivable to keep morale up but its not having effect.

Little help please?

#1  by Diplomat Technician - 3/27/2005 8:17:03 AM

I never have problems with moral the only time I worry about moral is when I get the anger shield, then I may rush buy a social inprovement which improves moral.

My game starts Spending and 100% Taxes at about 50% I used to drop tax rate if I found myself taking in too much money but my current game style the tax rate is about 40% min.

Hey if in RL I pay at leat 40% in taxes the citzens in my system can cough up the same. Yes for every $1 I earn at least 40% is wasted in Taxes.

30% Federal Tax
15% Ontario Tax
15% Sales Tax on everything I buy.
Plus hidden Taxes EI, CPP, gas taxes....

Enough of my right winged rant.

Here is something to consider maybe your population is growing too fast. The lower the population the higher the moral.

I find if I spend 15% of my income building ships 35% building social programs 50% research works the best for balance.

Say if you decide to build Social projects only. To start with your citzens will be really happy, but soon you find the population on your systems population will explode and to keep such a large population happy you need to build even more social projects. It is a downward spiral that can not be maintained.

Keep an balanced economy.
Do not worry too much about the moral.
Do Tax the public.
Micro Manage planets that have moral dip so low you
get an anger flag.
Try not to grow too fast that population goes out of control.
Try to build galactic Trade goods and wonders which increase moral.
Build moral boosters on local starbases.

#2  by Citizen Martin the Dane - 3/27/2005 1:49:55 PM

Build moral boosters on local starbases.

Erhm. that's not in the vanila game as far as I know.

I usually start out with as high at tax rate as earth will tolerate at 100% hapiness, I keep that for the first 10-20 turns, after The taxrate hits ~50 I don't change it unless I'm generating a ton of money and want to increase my population.

Unless I play for a cultural or cultural-flip victory I build only the following social projects:
Moral with maintainance 2 or less,
and Economy boosters.

On my 2-4 best planets I build production boosters, in order to be able to build trade-goods and a maybe few wonders.

Genarry I don't spend money on social production and research untill I have build enough colony ships and constructors to grab all local PQ15+ planets and any usefull local resources worth the having (and some to keep them away from the AI)

Oh and Technician don't complain about you taxes, here in Denmark we pay ~50% plus 25% sales tax.

#3  by Citizen Thatukman - 6/22/2005 1:20:31 PM

I have a little trick to control morale although it is a bit evil. I build a colony ship load up with just enough colonists to return the planet to 90%+ morale and then decimation it, effectively removing (KILLING) the problem of excess population.
Very evil (lots of bodies in upper atmosphere) but very effective.

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