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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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3063days Why is Total Score Going Down (?) Citizen Dragonshrike 1 replies
3071days Scores Not Being Accepted (again!)Citizen Dragonshrike 9 replies
3073days Ok.. I have a really nooby question..Citizen BJBlaskowicz 2 replies
3076days Star Trek Total Conversion ModCitizen SIR NASTY OF TANG 6 replies
3084days Vista sucks!!!Citizen dablueraja 2 replies
3084days Noobie ??? About Symbols Around StarsCitizen Dragonshrike 2 replies
3084days ThanksVeteran Darkspire 1 replies
3091days Hello + QuestionsCitizen Zambaku 1 replies
3127days Submitting problemCitizen Mandrall 6 replies
3128days Gal Civ I vs. Gal Civ IICitizen The Beastmaster 5 replies
3185days Galactic Civilization 1 (Ultimate Edition) : How do I conquer planets?Citizen alyzrin 2 replies
3188days Galactic Civilization 1 (Ultimate Edition) : How do I conquer planets?Citizen alyzrin 0 replies
3207days Planets aren't producingCitizen FreedomsFlame 1 replies
3224days Vista 64Citizen wtlgditc 3 replies
3224days Starbases, Trade, and MaintenanceCitizen ShinobiKenobi 1 replies
3262days Destabilize PriorityCitizen Mandrall 5 replies
3267days Altarian Prophecy Advice RequiredCitizen crimsoncosmos 1 replies
3280days Starbase Mod BugCitizen Jourin 1 replies
3289days Gal Civ wont start?Citizen Dmgdfx 3 replies
3304days Why can't I get started?Citizen hunterscimeca 1 replies
3311days About artificial intelligence and it's behavior in galactic civilization.Citizen Nokazon 1 replies
3328days Noobie questionCitizen Minstrelman 7 replies
3342days Anomolies GlitchCitizen The Beastmaster 1 replies
3361days galactic civilizations 1 keyCitizen hugh750 0 replies
3369days gameplay problemCitizen joshhenry 1 replies
3440days game cash need helpCitizen zunil93 1 replies
3461days Star Trek ModCitizen five by five 6 replies
3507days Technology VictoryCitizen TakhLahr 13 replies
3582days Civilization bonusesCitizen GandalfTG 0 replies
3585days hey everybody, i got a questionCitizen alchemistjkt 3 replies
3585days god damn it, does it not work?Citizen alchemistjkt 1 replies
3587days Does ANYONE have cheats for Galactic Civilizations ULTIMATE EDITION?Citizen HugzKisszLove 1 replies
3593days new empire?Citizen alchemistjkt 2 replies
3599days Galactic Civilization 1 : Ultimate Edition under VistaCitizen jpc91 3 replies
3602days FAQ's - Galactic CivilizationsSenator Drengin 88 replies
3603days oh god no, ahhhh wtf!?!?!?!?Citizen alchemistjkt 2 replies
3615days GalCiv WierdnessCitizen Protoss119 6 replies
3616days Register Citizen M00katron 1 replies
3631days Cost to invade...Citizen The Beastmaster 6 replies
3631days QuestionsCitizen Captain122 2 replies
3649days Polskie pytanko.. :DCitizen Laki14 1 replies
3656days Crash Debug text...Citizen The Beastmaster 0 replies
3656days Sound Problems/Frequent Crashes TroubleshootingSenator CariElf 80 replies
3661days update change history?Citizen dcole78 3 replies
3664days Freeze upsCitizen damian82431 2 replies
3667days other good galciv forums?Citizen dcole78 3 replies
3678days Alan Bradley Arrested!?!Citizen misterjj 0 replies
3685days StarbasesCitizen Geocacher 14 replies
3686days This place is DeadCitizen geh4evr 9 replies
3687days VictoryCitizen Zerenoth9 5 replies
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