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Hello + Questions
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by Citizen Zambaku - 7/31/2009 7:46:12 AM

Hello all Galactic Civilizations fans! I recently discovered this wonderfull game and been playing nonstop for 3 hours, though I'm not very succesfull yet...During my first game I got taken over by another civilization, the next I could not get my taxes up so I ran out of money XD It sure is a tricky game.

Anyway, I have a few questions:
Number 1: What's the best way to keep the money flowing?
Number 2: Are there any Star Trek mods out there?

#1  by Citizen Dragonshrike - 8/3/2009 9:48:05 AM


First, make sure you are starting out at one of the easier levels as a newbie.

Second, strike a balance so you can research the techs you need to help build an early economy (the ones that allow for Banking and Trade) as well as increase population (Basic and Improved Environments) so you can increase your population through higher planet quality using Soil Improvement and Habit Improvement because more people = more tax money.

Third, once you have Trade build freighters and start trading!!!

Fourth, you really need to practice in the easy levels of tweaking the spending control bars to increase and decrease your tax rate while making sure your popularity level doesn't get too low. Also, adjust between Ships, Tech, and Building depending on what you are concentrating on at the time.

Fifth, if they are found in your space sectors, build constructors to harvest the Economy Resource by building a space station on them and then increasing their mining ability.

Last (for now) getting better forms of government will always improve your overall economy.


PS: Please note that they do not maintain this site very well anymore. Sometimes it is down for days and currently it is not accepting any new scores.

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