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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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4467days Question on the demo and Corvette TechnologyCitizen JVTruman 2 replies
4470days Galciv LibrarySenator Drengin 84 replies
4475days LicenseCitizen relics89 9 replies
4475days My thoughts on the GalCiv's AICitizen JimmyEatWorld 9 replies
4476days Alternative Galciv Players ForumSenator Drengin 21 replies
4477days how do a take a screen shot of the root file of my galciv cdCitizen LungsMcGrogin 1 replies
4479days doesCitizen LungsMcGrogin 4 replies
4481days CD and DL?Citizen relics89 2 replies
4481days GalCiv 1.22 Debug Errors ?Citizen SpaceTycoon 0 replies
4481days joining a gameCitizen hutc 1 replies
4483days JavaScout's Galactic Civilizations Database 1.01.029Ambassador JavaScout 114 replies
4483days help plsCitizen LungsMcGrogin 2 replies
4489days Can't startCitizen Dilettante 5 replies
4491days GalCiv AP 1.52b CrashesCitizen Ivan Maclaine 3 replies
4492days Metaverse score not displayed!Citizen adrian5683 2 replies
4493days lost serial numberCitizen patryn8 3 replies
4494days A happy new year to everybody Citizen Walldorf2000 1 replies
4494days Transport Bug???Citizen DarthBob 2 replies
4494days Trade inputsCitizen Bobbolonicus 2 replies
4494days updating AP at GalCiv-GoldCitizen dasiko 1 replies
4494days Playing created galaxiesCitizen DarthBob 2 replies
4497days does not workCitizen Walldorf2000 0 replies
4501days Merry ChristmasCitizen Walldorf2000 2 replies
4503days Just bought game and it freezes before first turn...please help!Citizen LJChronx 13 replies
4504days GalCivII Beta ver 0.80 bugCitizen GForce1984 1 replies
4504days Xnemth''s 24x24 Spiral GalaxyCitizen WanderingSamuria 2 replies
4505days Using map editorCitizen Mystikmind 1 replies
4514days Galciv Mac VersionCitizen Ansravar 1 replies
4514days Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Citizen Justin X 2 replies
4519days Building StarbasesCitizen Silver Scorpion 14 replies
4523days Meta not accepting Scores.Citizen Magician of Black Chaos 1 replies
4523days Help - ancient reinstallCitizen Moxiane 1 replies
4524days Help!!! Again...Citizen TechDemon 2 replies
4528days Clean data files 1.22Citizen George017 2 replies
4529days Metaverse Website Tech IssuesCitizen GForce1984 1 replies
4533days manual?Citizen garvoid 2 replies
4533days possibliltyCitizen dsjdsj 9 replies
4533days Getting Avatar to Diplay in Profile?Citizen The Watcher 2 replies
4534days Just looking for a definite solution to the updates problemCitizen EvRotten 2 replies
4534days Earth treated differently UP events?Citizen Mindblank 4 replies
4535days Research ProblemsCitizen Tazamus 3 replies
4537days Help me!!!Citizen TechDemon 5 replies
4538days PodcastCitizen Sirian 3 replies
4538days just bought galactic civ gold editionCitizen VENOM6PAK 3 replies
4540days BOX SAYS MULTIPLAYER??Citizen VENOM6PAK 2 replies
4543days helpCitizen Major B 5 replies
4543days Abandoning PlanetsCitizen Allen1988 2 replies
4544days No Sensor range with shipsCitizen Vandetta5342002 1 replies
4544days Built starbase with 10% cultural influence bonus but sector influence doesn't change?Citizen ZenChess 6 replies
4546days Old Player returns for some more Gal Civ funVeteran Raven-sb 7 replies
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