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Help - ancient reinstall
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by Citizen Moxiane - 12/3/2005 2:52:38 PM


So I decided to reinstall GalCiv.

Unfortunately, I bought & downloaded it via the online store, which means I don't have a CD case or anything. I still have the same email address now as I did then, so is there any way of getting the serial # sent to me again so's I can actually install it?


#1  by Citizen Amaymon - 12/4/2005 7:26:41 AM

Don't know if this works/helps:

Install StarDock Central:

Enter your eMail in the registering part. Let it send your account/game/registration info to your email.

(Long time since I used SDC, but I think there was an option to do so.)

You can also ask here:

NeoTech Gaming: Link

The Galactic Core: Link

Two of the greatest GalCiv related sites around. Here you can meet the Veterans and BigGuns of the game, I'm sure there'll be someone who can help you further and in more detail.

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