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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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4079days Planet QualityCitizen Damien Ward 7 replies
4079days Does kindness mean shit in this game ?Citizen vendelen 4 replies
4079days All Hail!!!Citizen BobtheAndroidPenguin 9 replies
4079days Money and MoraleCitizen NomasNomas 7 replies
4079days Totally New Citizen NomasNomas 3 replies
4079days Ideal Tax SettingVeteran Vorlin Varelse 3 replies
4080days The Guilds WarsCitizen SIR NASTY OF TANG 0 replies
4083days Messed up Install--How to Remove?Citizen Speusippus 1 replies
4090days HELP!!!!Citizen raivier 2 replies
4090days Using the MetaverseCitizen Death Lord Syrus 2 replies
4090days How do you submit scores?Citizen Dirty Hairy 1 replies
4097days how do i make a mod?Citizen forddan 4 replies
4097days Starbase Modules Range & other questionsCitizen Shivetvyva 1 replies
4101days NeoTech Gaming Community reborn!Veteran SlyFox420 0 replies
4106days dialog backgroundsCitizen floydy2 0 replies
4113days Starship bounsCitizen couslee 21 replies
4114days Disgusted!Citizen India51A 4 replies
4116days Forum problemsCitizen TruePurple 1 replies
4116days serial numberCitizen costica111 1 replies
4122days What did they fix from the demo?Citizen TruePurple 1 replies
4125days Check out this new Gal Civ WebsiteCitizen Weblaster 2 replies
4131days What Happend???Citizen BobtheAndroidPenguin 2 replies
4131days Some Manual(s) about internasCitizen Justnoob 0 replies
4131days Two bugsCitizen EightDeerOcelotClaw 3 replies
4135days The Master of Galciv1Citizen BobtheAndroidPenguin 0 replies
4136days Metaverse Medals are lostCitizen Walldorf2000 2 replies
4144days Where did GalCiv Writer go?Citizen mykbaker 2 replies
4155days how long?Citizen LungsMcGrogin 1 replies
4155days Training mode for beginnersCitizen Kiwuqaq 0 replies
4156days Recently reinstalled. Stardock won't let me patch.Citizen Elden 1 replies
4159days Galactic Civilizations II concept threadVeteran Draginol 192 replies
4170days Arrrrrr Mateys!!!Citizen EBZeroMatrix 5 replies
4172days The Metaverse AdmiraltyVeteran Primipilus Alexus 118 replies
4175days a problemCitizen jilks321 3 replies
4177days Any way to stack defenders on freighters?Citizen Darwin Storm 2 replies
4177days Why can't my Colony Ship land?Citizen Gunhawk 4 replies
4179days A flaw in Dread Lords random event!!!Citizen Darwin Storm 1 replies
4181days Install problemCitizen jlac 0 replies
4181days AP CrashCitizen Unholy Empire 1 replies
4184days Question on the demo and Corvette TechnologyCitizen JVTruman 3 replies
4187days Encyclopedia questionCitizen Alsan 1 replies
4187days Dilemma with Altarian Prophecy (missing serial - well, kinda..)Citizen DocDVD 4 replies
4187days Can't log GamesCitizen zhirzzh 7 replies
4188days How to get resources?Citizen Scrangle 7 replies
4188days AP Crash -- Please help!Citizen Zuggs 3 replies
4189days Metaverse Scoring???Citizen MorphineJ 3 replies
4190days Nidaros event pack question Citizen Alsan 2 replies
4191days Star Trek ModCitizen Gunslinger19 2 replies
4195days English download with German Key?Citizen RJHartmann 4 replies
4195days Game slowsdown during combat.Citizen satoblaize 1 replies
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