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NeoTech Gaming Community reborn!
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by Veteran Cosmic Fox - 5/4/2006 12:40:28 PM

NTG has been preparing for a software switch for a very long time now. We are now ready to relaunch the new site using Invision Powered software. Contrary to a silly rumor all 400 of our downloads are intact.

A small problem during the port of the downloads will require everyone who is downloading old files (before galciv2) will need to RIGHT CLICK - SAVE TARGET AS, and put in a filename to save it under otherwise it will be saved as numbers only. This will be fixed very soon.

No one will need to register again that was a member in good standing. All data and information will be ported. The planned date of relaunch is May 4-5th and we look forward to seeing all of our members on the new site once we do launch it.

The new portal for now is using a frames structure that can be turned off at the bottom left side of the page under the calendar. (Unregistered visitors will not see this option once your registered you can change to no frames option.

The new site will offer us a lot of cool new features and security. Best of all we can provide a lot more to our members via easy navigation for one and many other features everyone will love and enjoy. See you all there!

NeoTech Gaming Community @ Link
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