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Metaverse Scoring???
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by Citizen MorphineJ - 1/28/2006 1:08:08 PM

Hi to you all, please forgive me if this question is stupid but i have only just started playing.

I have a problem that i would like you nice folks to help me with if you could

I have been playing the game on 1 level above normal with all AI, on a 12 x 12 map.
Some weird keeps happening...After playing for awhile using a influence tactic..i own 1/2 the galaxy, i have a superior military and maxium trading economy. I save up and end game throught the allaince tactic and i am awarded 11000+ i decide to try and improve on that score. I continue to conquer the galaxy on all levels economic/military/influence,etc...after reaching the Final Frontier research end, i own 3/4 of the galaxy, have a massive military and huge i end the game with the research and i am awarded 4000+mpts ?? what gives?? Have i taken too long or something?
All advice greatfully received.


#1  by Citizen nullspace - 1/30/2006 1:02:29 AM

I'm no expert on scoring, but I think victory type and finishing date affect the score much more than things like your military and economy. A quick conquest on a high difficulty is the way to big points.

#2  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 1/30/2006 6:45:09 AM

You get a very poor score for technology wins. Have a look here Link

I have always switched off the technology win option. It's pretty worthless when you are looking for points

Other things which have a big influence on your score:
- a win after January 2190 gives you double the score
- high population before 2190 relative to the AI
- won military battles

You don't need war ships to get a military win. When culture win is switched off you can conquer the complete galaxy via culture without a single shot. This way you can get 60k with GC on a gigantic map. With AP either a smaller map or an alliance win can do the trick for you.

In the Metaverse Scoring system high scores are the key since your points are divided by the square root of the number of games. Thus games << 60.000 points (which is the maximum you can get) will finally reduce your score

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#3  by Senator Drengin - 2/5/2006 4:14:24 AM

MorphineJ as you will no doubt have seen these forums are sparse to say the least these days. You should try The Galactic Core Forums as a lot of the old timers from here now hang around gathering dust over there

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