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The Metaverse Admiralty
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by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 2/16/2004 9:45:48 AM

I haven't done an update for a while so:-

The Metaverse Admiralty

Fleet Admiral (8)

Jaws the Wayfarer (Specfor)
Free Tibet (Specfor)
ricbayer (FotR)
Wild Wombat (Specfor)
Stydracos (Anzac)
Ray the Wanderer (FotR)
Primipilus Alexus (Centurion)

Admiral (17)

JaxomCA (RB)
Aaberg (Euro)
Greldon (Guardian)
Matthew Downie (FotR)
Aldar (Aldar)
CypherPax (Specfor)
Arkdoz (Euro)
Mayito 777 (Diplomat)
Darth Kryo (Jedi)
Theoden of Rohan (Guardian)
Mauler28 (MWC)
kasualkid (MWC)
uncleBernie (Jedi)
never-never (Anzac)
Technician (Canadian)
Solitair (Gamma)

Vice Admiral (31)

vincible (FotR)
Sirian (RB)
PontiusBruinPilot (GROSS)
Paguma (Canadian)
Blueroach (Anzac)
Hurley (Specfor)
Jon50 (MWC)
Exar_Kuun (Jedi)
LavaLampMaster (Anzac)
Weasel of the Hood (Specfor)
idleprocess (MWC)
Lord Orpon (Euro)
Arcilte (Jedi)
KEmperor (Jedi)
LDiCesare (Apolyton)
Lord J
Ales Tomasevic
jon cassel
Latino Holiday (Fat Bastard)
Jimmy Chung

Rear Admiral (59)

Mr. Furious (Specfor)
Damon Bryson
Harel Eilam (Specfor)
tgrz (Aldar)
Raj Whitehall (Specfor)
ElZud (Jedi)
JordanVmp (MWC)
Essex Ascendant (Jedi)
Dracko81 (Anzac)
infodragon (MWC)
Base Delta Zero (Evil)
Evil_Elvis (Evil)
Naqmir (Guardian)
Ralph Crosswhite
Staffa (GROSS)
Evil Steve (Anzac)
Ralegh (Seekers)
PJ_ (PanGaea)
Icho Tolot (Jedi)
black smoke (Specfor)
plephart (MWC)
SLW (TerraNova)
Kurt Laidlaw
Isit (RB)
zyk0001 (MWC)
Richard Heaton (FotR)
Gabberkooij (Euro)
GMan Fboy (FotR)
Kelly Harvey (Aldar)
Friend Josh (FotR)
Danmai (FotR)
Jim Bates (Smallempire)
Kevin the Kitten (PanGaea)
Chantillary (Canadian)
Henrik Stahl
Weyrleader (FotR)
SDSomeone (Euro)
Spellforce (Diplomat)
burbel (Apolyton)
Bucman (Evil)
Mikelangelo (FotR)
Captain Wow
Babcom280 (AdvInc)
Mitch88 (Diplomat)
Bill Robinson (Hula)
Terl (Guardian)

Apologies if I've missed anyone - I do this by hand and eye!


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#1  by Citizen Kevin the Kitten - 2/16/2004 10:40:24 AM

Go on - welcome me to the Admiralty!

#2  by Citizen Greldon - 2/16/2004 12:11:03 PM

Go on - welcome me to the Admiralty!

You're welcome!

#3  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 2/16/2004 6:33:17 PM

Scores for all ranks

Note that scores are "Player Profile" scores that are (generally) a little lower than your metaverse score. You can view your player profile by clicking on your name on the metaverse player lists or on the forums. I've lifted the lower ranks from one of Ray's earlier posts. All of these are based on observation and deduction - Stardock haven't published the criteria officially - and may change at any time according to the whims of the Gods...

Fleet Admiral 350,000 points and 80 games
Admiral 200,000 points and 50 games
Vice Admiral 100,000 points and 40 games
Rear Admiral 50,000 points and 30 games
Commodore 20,000 points and 20 games
Fleet Captain 10,000 points and 10 games
Captain 5,000 points and 10 games
Commander either 5 games or 2,500 points and 3 games
Lieutenant either 5 games or 2,000 points and 1 game
2nd Lieutenant 3 games
Ensign - at least one game and a positive (non-zero) score.


                           Posted via Stardock Central
#4  by Veteran Grand_Admiral_Thrawn - 2/16/2004 11:05:46 PM

I am sorry to say this, but I found another condition. Lothmorg the Black of the Galactic Guardians has submitted only 14 games, but has points worth 224499. Under the rules you have published he should be a Fleet Captain, but (double checking) shows him to be a Commodore. The rules appear to have a loop for anyone who submits only 60000 maso games from the start.

#5  by Citizen KEmperor - 2/17/2004 12:30:24 AM

I see 15 games under his name. The rule must be 15, not 20 then.

#6  by Veteran Grand_Admiral_Thrawn - 2/17/2004 12:50:59 AM

He had it earlier at 13 games.

#7  by Veteran GASherbert - 2/17/2004 8:11:25 AM

I see 15 games under his name. The rule must be 15, not 20 then.

Couldn't be, I didn't get Commodore until my 20th game, I had enough points long before then. Unless the minimum requirements have been changed.

#8  by Veteran Grand_Admiral_Thrawn - 2/17/2004 10:18:33 AM

I don't think it is a game playing number that got him the commodore. I think it was probably like 150,000 or 200,000 points that is another conditions. i.e. 20,000 pts, 20 games OR 200,000 pts.

#9  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 2/17/2004 11:50:00 AM

Or a glitch....

eg Leonards_Papa has 19 games and a metascore of 296018 but is only a Fleet Captain....


                           Posted via Stardock Central
#10  by Veteran Grand_Admiral_Thrawn - 2/17/2004 12:58:50 PM

Hmmm...I guess that is probable. Does the higher ups know?

#11  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 2/17/2004 6:13:46 PM

Apparently Lothmorg got a reset of some sort....

From one of the diplomats' open forum threads... Link ... Lothmorg says

I was one of the few that did start over from scratch. Funny this is, I got to keep my medals.

So it appears to be some sort of glitch...


[Message Edited]
                           Posted via Stardock Central
#12  by Citizen Rabid Rob - 2/17/2004 10:14:13 PM

I just got my Commode with my 20th game, so my 100 grand did not speed up my plan to DESTROY Y... cough cough, I mean, my Ascension to Power.

Yessss... not long now...

                   Posted via Stardock Central
#13  by Citizen Exar Kuun - 2/17/2004 11:05:13 PM

Thanks for doing this Alex, I know the entire community appreciates it

#14  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 2/18/2004 9:45:40 AM

Congrats to Aldar on making Fleet Admiral


                           Posted via Stardock Central
#15  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 2/21/2004 6:24:15 AM

Congrats to Paguma on making Admiral


#16  by Citizen Paguma - 2/21/2004 4:50:52 PM

The undead get their 2nd Admiral... The race is on for our first Fleet Admiral. Although I'll likely hit the points before Technician, he's already got the required games submitted and I'm way off on that one!

#17  by Senator Drengin - 2/21/2004 8:02:02 PM

Woo Hoo

Just made Vice Admiral

#18  by Veteran Grand_Admiral_Thrawn - 2/21/2004 11:08:27 PM

Congrats Spellforce!

#19  by Citizen KitWarrior - 2/22/2004 1:29:06 AM

So now that I'm a Rear Admiral, do I get access to some special smoking section? Some Cuban cigars perhaps? Cognac or rum while I mingle with the 'elite'? Top o' the mornin' chaps. Right-o. To the fairgrounds then? A bit of a spot to do...


#20  by Veteran Primipilus Alexus - 2/22/2004 4:40:57 AM

No - you get the rear of the sheep and Spellforce arrests you for vice....

                           Posted via Stardock Central
#21  by Senator Drengin - 2/22/2004 5:56:49 AM

No - you get the rear of the sheep and Spellforce arrests you for vice....

#22  by Citizen The Brother Hood of NOD - 2/23/2004 3:17:05 PM

I want to be a Fleet Admiral! I don't have an application but here is my story.....

At first I started off in a shuttle, then I eventually trade enough commoditities to buy myself a starbridge class c mod, with the help of sigma shipyards on Earth, core of the Federal Council. The vellos found out I was a pirate and a telepath. But the vellos soon found me out and the Feds chased me all the way to Aurora. Then the Aurorans, naturally being at war with the Feds wiped them out. I met a woman named Mu'Randa in the Spaceport bar and she had me run some errands. Next thing I know I've got pirates hot on my tail, firing lasers, becasue I've got a Queen and Mu'Randa as my passengers. The Queen directed me to her Dominion which was called the Polaris Empire. The Polaris were also at war with the Federation. But they made no agressive moves. The Mu'Randa began saying I was the Messiah of her people or Something becase supposedly the Polaris societ was in turmiol. They had me contact some Rebels which we later aided in their fight against the feds. We found out that the federal government was really under control of a secret society of racists that wanted to extingiush all life but the feds. We couldn't let this happen....... Contact me for more adventures of Vasueden and the Chronicles of Kilraas Liberty!

By the way what ever happened to all the Evil Empires?

#23  by Veteran GASherbert - 2/23/2004 6:41:03 PM

NOD, why are you posting Escape Velocity here?

#24  by Citizen Exar Kuun - 2/23/2004 7:48:57 PM

NOD, why are you posting Escape Velocity here?

hasn't been seen in a while

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