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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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4929days Gimme the Real Deal *spoilers*Citizen Strategos Risk 0 replies
4929days Ship Battle SimulatorCitizen Amaymon 1 replies
4930days Making a campaing scenarioCitizen OLD RANGER 0 replies
4930days frustratedCitizen Thebestaintyou 4 replies
4931days Calling all gothics, wavers, darkpeople....Citizen Amaymon 6 replies
4932days Modders: Anomaly Graphics PackageCitizen Amaymon 0 replies
4932days Special Resources QuestionCitizen Sovereign77x 2 replies
4933days Question about diplomacy screen.Citizen CrusherX7 7 replies
4933days Where and when in all of space did I get that medal?Citizen Martin the Dane 6 replies
4933days How can i upload an Avatar?Citizen Amaymon 1 replies
4934days SDC Update Problem: AP 1.51.008 to 1.52b.013Citizen Captain_Space 0 replies
4935days transport questionCitizen ttomm1946 2 replies
4935days What's going on with these events?Citizen CrusherX7 1 replies
4936days Virgin Player "2005"Citizen beaglegod 6 replies
4937days Does turning off victory conditions affect the final score?Citizen Admiral Tolwyn 13 replies
4937days Are you a good or great Galciv player? Read this!Veteran Cosmic Fox 2 replies
4937days no music or gun soundsCitizen Mitch88 4 replies
4937days redraw universeCitizen GreyPaladin 2 replies
4937days Programming/Game makingCitizen UnderLord1 1 replies
4938days Need help with Altarian Prophecy Mission 6Citizen cybrbeast 0 replies
4942days Display Change ?Citizen redfox62 6 replies
4945days Max Tribute possible is.........Citizen Tserrof 4 replies
4946days Galactic Civilization Map Editor and campaign CrashCitizen Troy Ronholdt 5 replies
4946days 1.02Z (beta) Bug ThreadCitizen Jazzlvr 16 replies
4946days Minor civs questionCitizen CrusherX7 3 replies
4947days New Pol Party problemCitizen papermuscles 2 replies
4947days The Atlantis Legacy (campaign)Citizen AdiemusX 8 replies
4949days Got beat to deathCitizen CapitalShip 3 replies
4949days Can't Play GalCiv - Constant "binkw32.dll" CrashesCitizen Vanir 4 replies
4950days Problem submitting to Metaverse after purchasing TotalGaming.netCitizen DRavisher 2 replies
4950days Question about winning conditionsCitizen CrusherX7 2 replies
4950days New guy's introduction.Citizen CrusherX7 4 replies
4950days Empire Threads are dying becase of server response - Can Startdock Help?Citizen Weyrleader 3 replies
4951days Is it possible to change alignment requirement for Paladin Ships?Citizen KSesler 1 replies
4952days GalCiv/APCitizen GaryT123 2 replies
4952days Frakked up scoringCitizen papermuscles 3 replies
4952days GalCiv Forum in StarDock Central down - No new posts / Wincustomize required Citizen Amaymon 3 replies
4952days Question about ordering...Citizen bluprint 1 replies
4953days Cheaters!Citizen Marcus Vindictus 3 replies
4954days Metaverse Turnaround.Citizen Moral Failure 10 replies
4954days Metaverse not working now that GC2 is on the way?Citizen Skyler56 1 replies
4955days AP Forcing EnemiesCitizen Skyler56 0 replies
4955days What is this all about a fee MMO(no monthly fee)Citizen Ryan Zec 1 replies
4955days Starbase upgradeCitizen STEFAN THE GREAT 3 replies
4956days New to Galciv, Little help?Citizen mal512 5 replies
4957days Can't figure out building ??Citizen Sabenfox 1 replies
4958days Some beginner questionsCitizen StealthCat 3 replies
4958days GCII betaCitizen Franco fx 2 replies
4958days Serial problemsCitizen lvds6 1 replies
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