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Ship Battle Simulator
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by Citizen Amaymon - 4/23/2005 3:01:47 AM

Is it possible to download that simulator?

#1  by Citizen Galactic Knight - 4/25/2005 3:08:00 AM

Got another question the battle formulas how they calculate exactly.

If I understood the formula properly, the battle goes like this:

The offender dices a value between Zero and itīs Attack value. Then the defender dices between Zero and itīs Defense value. Then you have to subtract the defenderīs dice value by the offenderīs. These are the damage points against the defender.

Then both swith their roles, and the battle continues until one explodes.

- Does the defender get a bonus of half itīs defense value when attacking back the offender only in the case when itīs defense points are less than his attack points, or doesnīt it matter ?

- Is the "defender" only the ship which will be attacked first, are are we generally saying "the defending ship" ?

Now playing V.1.20 - if there is a diffence to AP Versions please also mention.

Thanks in advance - itīs really important for me.

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