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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Are you a good or great Galciv player? Read this!
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by Veteran Cosmic Fox - 4/2/2005 1:38:37 PM

NeoTech Games Link has been sponsoring a Galactic Civilizations Game of the Month for about 3 months now. (No REGISTRATION REQUIRED to download and post a report.) This is not a promotional game for NeoTech it is for the entire community to enjoy!

These games are to test how good of a player you are. As you have no oppotunity to pick your usual method of winning. We challenge all comers to be play and become the GOTM Champion. I think that most of the good players use one set method of play. I doubt the top 10-20 players could win at our GOTM. I am most certain that there are no real good players who are top in the metaverse. I think most are using methods they found that work for the metaverse.

NeoTech challenges all of you "so called great players" to play our April GOTM and we will see who is the best player FOR REAL!!

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#1  by Veteran Cosmic Fox - 4/3/2005 10:35:54 PM

The April GOTM #4: Clash of Titans Link

Are any of you good enough to beat this months GOTM?

(NO Registration required to play!)
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#2  by Veteran Cosmic Fox - 4/17/2005 11:57:34 AM

Must be there are no REAL good players after all. I was right!! All the good players use some sort of cheesy gimmick to be where they are at or they would play a preset game. Am I right or not guys?

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