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Can't figure out building ??
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by Citizen Sabenfox - 3/28/2005 6:56:49 PM

ok i'm just not getting this game. when im looking under the military projects, it shows all the ships and how much time is remaining. so ie : it will say a scout ship has like
5 months remaining, and it will say a colony ship has
11 months remaining, well the scout ship obviously always finishes production first, and then the whole military projects reset, so it will reset the scout ships to 6 months remaining, and a colony ship at 12 months, so i'm trying to figure out how to get other ships to be built without spending a fortune, thanks !!

#1  by Citizen Erfael - 3/29/2005 1:05:08 AM

You can only build one ship at a time on a given planet. So while that planet may take the scout 6 months and the colony ship 25, it can only do one or the other. So you pick just one of them and leave it at that until it's built. It's not working on all of them at the same time. What may be confusing you is that production transfers from ship to ship if you should change midstream. So if you have already spent 3 months on a scout that takes 6, it would say 3 remaining, but if you switched to colony, it would say 22 remaining, but you can still only build one or the other. Hope that helps.

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