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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Max Tribute possible is.........
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by Citizen Tserrof - 4/2/2005 5:42:51 PM

10 bc for 999,999,999 mths

If you go for more Bc's it yellows out and if you go for more months it gitchs and gives you a random number of months like 410065408 mths ( actual for trying a billion months)

Original Gal Civ CD with no mods

Tiny, rare, normal intell all the way and default moral.
Tech party, 6 Dip and 4 Inf, Maybe tenth game played.

Was going for cult victory. 1 scout, then 1 tech per turn and rest social.

It depends on the Race and the Tech. Combo's work where single tech doesn't. The Alterians would not at first till I found the right combo's.

Alexians (my pets)
Propulsion + Comm (1st one)
indust theory
Medical + battle armor
Cold + Ut wouldn't take

Battle armor + cold + UT (1st Aterian) (worked for Arceans also but the Dregin would not do it till I changed out UT for Weap Theory)

Trade + SC (just about everyone)

Shield + Phasers (just about everyone)

Trade + SC + Nan Elec + Dip (Yor still would not)
Nan Elec + SC + Phasers and the Yor bit.

Artificial Grav + random (Everyone bites)

Basic Env Con Just about everyone, Yor refused but did it the next month.


Jan 2186
Tribute 450bc 390 of which are 999's, Had total up to 530bc
Trade 60
Spending 213
Income 311
Tax 0
Cash 21929
Dip +110%
Pop 11.5 Colonies 3

Top Others

Pop 10.69
Spending 86
Colonies 2

Pop 2.227 Just bought 4 or 5 full transports for $100 ea off him. Didn't bother to try for less.
spending 57

Pop 5.06
Spending 12

Pop 4.5
Spending 7

And it isn't going to get better for them. I am about to buy Their fleets and slap the Yor and Dregins around. Maybe, They went to war with each other when I bought the transports and it is might be fun to tribute them into poverty. Buying ships from the winner to give to the looser to keep any planets from being take till I am ready.

#1  by Diplomat Blue_Steel - 4/2/2005 6:07:51 PM

You really need to update to the latest version... many bug fixes, and loop holes cloosed, extra features etc.. etc...

One of them is that you can now only give tribute for a max of 50 months

Also depending on which version you are running you may even get an increase in your score depending on what level you play at

#2  by Citizen Tserrof - 4/2/2005 6:17:30 PM

The version is whatever I bought in the bargin bin. I will update later. Just trying to get the feel now. My first 6 games were so bad I was ready to give up on it when I decided to check out the forum. Helped alot.

I think I will enjoy this bug for awhile. I kinda like the wicked power of watching the others struggle as my economic slaves. Never having any real chance against my God like control over their civilation.

#3  by Diplomat Peace Phoenix - 4/4/2005 2:25:18 AM

BTW, be wary that some fixes were associated with morale: it is easier to keep planet happy in the lastest versions.

And the version in the bargain bin, is it first-hand or second hand? If it is first hand, you shouldn't have any problem to upgrade the game. If it is second hand, you may want contact Stardock to be able to upgrade or upload game to metaverse since your serial Id may be associated with the previous owner.

#4  by Diplomat Arturus Magi - 4/10/2005 12:12:31 AM

Your best bet, if you want to abuse this, is to go with something close to 65535bc for 65535 turns. Lower values over longer terms might not hinder the AI at all and won't help you much either. Larger values will cause your treasury to roll over faster than you can spend it and you'll have to deal with the concequences of a 2 trillion bc debt.

And yes, it's a very good idea to update the game. There have been alot of changes in the last year and a half.

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