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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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4714days ResearchCitizen civgal 12 replies
4717days Adding Music To Game PlaylistCitizen TripleTiara 2 replies
4723days How do I get started?Citizen Ogre1971 1 replies
4725days Bye ByeCitizen Walldorf2000 2 replies
4725days instalationCitizen MRBIG292 2 replies
4725days orginal cd not verifyed - german versionCitizen Kenshij 1 replies
4725days Star Wars Total Conversion 1.1 now available with 41 new ships and moreCitizen MadMaz 24 replies
4725days No Events!!!Citizen Darkside321 1 replies
4731days are you there fro CableCitizen Cableblastman 0 replies
4744days I Win ???Citizen Darkside321 2 replies
4787days Vista 64Citizen wtlgditc 0 replies
4800days Map editorCitizen Zerenoth9 1 replies
4809days Is there a way to spread out the major races a bit?Citizen Kittani 2 replies
4813days IM LOSING AND NEED MAJOR HELP!!!Citizen Darkside321 0 replies
4813days Its always war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Citizen raivier 10 replies
4819days how do you get the downloaded maps onto the load menu so you can use them?Citizen youy 1 replies
4830days Do I have to use SDC?Citizen Kittani 0 replies
4833days Money tipsCitizen Spacepundit 1 replies
4838days Metaverse is back online!Avatar T-Man 1 replies
4838days Metaverse submission for Galactic Civ I working again!Citizen Apollyon29 2 replies
4845days If you need help...!!Senator Drengin 11 replies
4846days Kindness to other membersCitizen Zerenoth9 4 replies
4849days War/Diplomacy QuestionCitizen Tregonsee 2 replies
4865days Posting in MetaverseCitizen Tregonsee 1 replies
4879days Difficulty on Large-Intelligent gameCitizen Potent3006 1 replies
4881days taxesCitizen Zerenoth9 2 replies
4887days Still playing...Citizen Alsan 4 replies
4887days Begin your Jedi Training With The Jedi RepublicVeteran Jedi_Master_Yoda 41 replies
4899days Metaverse submissions still not going throughCitizen Spacepundit 3 replies
4910days alien tech vs tech victory?Citizen TimmyLi 2 replies
4910days Gold edition - where is Alterian Prophecy?Citizen Houndboy 4 replies
4912days Metaverse not accepting submissionsCitizen Spacepundit 13 replies
4914days psp Citizen jomonvalk 0 replies
4914days psp Citizen jomonvalk 0 replies
4925days xnemth's spiral galaxyCitizen WT PHUA 0 replies
4928days tributeCitizen Zerenoth9 2 replies
4929days tributeCitizen Zerenoth9 0 replies
4930days Fantasy 4X info Citizen markgil 1 replies
4933days Game MalfunctionCitizen Robert Dahlenburg 0 replies
4935days Wonder QuestionCitizen Tregonsee 2 replies
4935days I need helpCitizen darkwart 2 replies
4941days Metaverse scoreCitizen Spacepundit 2 replies
4941days Serial Problem HELP !!!Citizen Siddar 1 replies
4952days questionCitizen qaz79 4 replies
4955days united states president 2008 presidential stephen d macmillanCitizen presidentcandidate 0 replies
4967days AP Campaign(s) not allowed on Metaverse?Citizen DJBee 0 replies
4972days Bought the Deluxe Edition and having key code problems? Read this!Citizen Professor Xavier 42 replies
4973days The AI in this game cheats.Citizen xoOvermindox 2 replies
4974days Planet Quality BonusCitizen InvisibleMonk 2 replies
4982days galactic resourcesCitizen Faello 12 replies
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