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galactic resources
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by Citizen Faello - 3/5/2007 5:15:23 PM

I was looking for an answer in the manual, but didn't find it so I'm asking here - does galactic resources boost your, let's say morale, generally in whole galaxy, or just in the sector where starbase with resource is ?

#1  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 3/6/2007 4:04:04 AM

Hi, find answers here Link

#2  by Citizen Faello - 3/6/2007 6:16:11 AM

Thanks again Walldorf2000, I thought so ( more or less AI is always rushing for every resource on the map ) but needed confirmation

great link btw.

#3  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 3/6/2007 8:39:57 AM

Hi Faello,

what about joining the Jedi Republic Empire Link ?

I have plans to raise my score in summer (I'm already collecting games on my HD for some time). There will be only a view thousand points missing to get the Jedi Republic on the second place.

#4  by Citizen Faello - 3/6/2007 8:54:06 AM

Sure, sounds great - how can I join ?

#5  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 3/6/2007 12:44:44 PM

Isn't there a Join button on the page from the link above?

#6  by Citizen Faello - 3/6/2007 2:39:14 PM

Indeed - ok I've joined

#7  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 3/9/2007 2:29:47 AM


Together with Tregonsee and Captain Donos we have a very good chance to bring the Jedi Republic on the second place in the Metaverse before the year ends

#8  by Citizen Faello - 3/9/2007 8:49:45 AM

Hope so

btw. can you give me some useful links or advices how to reach 60 000 points per game - I've recently won my first masochistic, large map game with every vistory condition on and all 5 races ( vanilla GC 1.22 ) via alliance vicotry but still I got only 32 k points instead of 60 k - how I can reach highest score possible ?

#9  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 3/9/2007 9:10:49 AM

You get much more points for Military Conquest wins. Have a look here Link

You can get a military win without a single shot, when you disable culture win and assimilate all AIs.

Unfortunately it is much easier to get 60k with AP. AFAIK the biggest difference is 7 AIs versus 5 AIs. This is a bit inconsistent since for me it is easier to play against more AIs due to better diplomacy possibilities (i.e. trading technologies).

Without AP you need a military win on a gigantic map to get 60k. It is possible to get 60k on a huge map with a military win, or an alliance win on a gigantic map, but in both cases you need some additional scoring.

You can get additional scoring via:
- population growth (not in the end game phase), this is one reason why 100% moral/approval is so important at the beginning
- destroy AI ships in fights
- research technologies

#10  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 3/9/2007 9:15:05 AM

By the way, you can submit a single game two times. The second time it overwrite you score, but the date remains the same.

You can use this to play your submitted games a second time but this time end with an military win.

#11  by Citizen Faello - 3/9/2007 10:16:27 AM

Again great reply Walldorf2000 - I cannot play against 7 AI's yet ( my GC Gold had no serial to Altarian Prophecy inbox and I have to wait for Stardock support help ), so I will use your advices regarding vanilla for now.

Oh, one more question - if I will turn off Alien Technologic Victory ( and mine too ) will it affect my final score in negative way ? ( in last game I was barely able to outspeed AI in techs and only because I turned all expenses on research - in fact alliance victory was lucky shot because I was aiming at tech victory already ).

#12  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 3/10/2007 12:22:17 PM

Switching off victory conditions does not have a negative effect on your score.

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