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Gold edition - where is Alterian Prophecy?
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by Citizen Houndboy - 4/18/2005 2:14:50 PM

I bought gal civ ages ago but didn't get the alterian prophecy expansion set. Recently I saw the gold edition on amazon very cheaply claiming to include alterian prophecy but it doen't seem to be in the game box at all! Now I'm just left with two copies of Gal civ to play with. Doh. Am I being stupid and is the expansion on the one CD that it came in?

#1  by Diplomat Peace Phoenix - 4/19/2005 1:18:24 AM

Am I being stupid and is the expansion on the one CD that it came in?

Due to the size of the expansion (20 MB), I think that it is on the same CD.

#2  by Citizen Thogi - 4/19/2005 2:39:17 PM

Mine came on two cd's. Maybe they're doing it differently now.

#3  by Citizen Magician of Black Chaos - 4/19/2005 10:17:38 PM

I think you were "got". Get TGN subscription and d/l lots of games (including GC AP) Link Check it out!

#4  by Citizen TimmyLi - 5/21/2007 10:44:09 PM

I have the gold edition on one CD as well. Ap runs by default i think. The main menu reflects the change so you'll know something's is worng if it doesnt say that. Check your installation directory e.g. c:\program fils\enlight\galactic civilizations gold. There should be a folder called AltianProphecy.

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