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Metaverse submissions still not going through
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by Citizen Spacepundit - 5/29/2007 7:09:19 PM

Could somebody please fix the technical issues? I've been trying to submit daily for a couple of weeks or so now.

#1  by Citizen banan144 - 5/30/2007 12:05:48 AM

I am joining Spacepundit's plea: tried to submit, wrote Stardock tech help - nothing changes, the game claims all is ok, the program goes through the firewall, and there is no effect on my submission list
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#2  by Citizen Tregonsee - 5/31/2007 4:00:21 AM

Well at least now I know it is not just me being here overseas....

#3  by Citizen Spacepundit - 6/2/2007 5:22:48 AM

Just sent the following email to Email. Hope it gets results.


At some time between May 5 and May 12, GalCiv 1 stopped accepting submissions to the Metaverse. Those are the dates of my last successful submission and my first unsuccessful one, respectively. Everybody is having this problem and not just me. Refer to this message thread: Link

The problem is first documented in this thread, from Message #9 forward. Link

One gamer suggests that the server is unstable. Could you look into the issue? I've got three games waiting to submit and I'd like to be able to get them in. Will probably have a fourth in several days.

The score aging system is relevant to this problem: Link

One the problem is fixed, please tweak the score aging system so that we don't get penalized for the site's technical difficulties. Assuming the problem is fixed 28 days after May 12, when I send in my next submission it should add 28 days to the date of my previous submission so that it treats that date as June 2 instead of May 5.

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