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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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4639days Metaverse reliability?Citizen CrusherX7 2 replies
4644days AP In-Game Menu Crashes to DesktopCitizen 01Anxiety 4 replies
4645days Why does GalCiv take so long to save?!Citizen Flinx_ca 2 replies
4647days Colony ship / war ship production?Citizen CrusherX7 1 replies
4649days The Economic Super HighwayCitizen LordKellvenCelcius 6 replies
4649days Is it possible to increase occurrence of random events?Citizen KSesler 4 replies
4649days I can't believe...Citizen STEFAN THE GREAT 5 replies
4650days can't reinstall GalCivVeteran thongor 4 replies
4651days How to increase max pop increase/turnCitizen KSesler 8 replies
4652days +14 to uninhabited Planets?Citizen Priamos78 2 replies
4652days Cannot join Galactic CoreCitizen CrusherX7 3 replies
4652days How does Galactic Civilizations compare to Master Of Orion 2Citizen Eelusion 20 replies
4652days GalCIv Deluxe InstallCitizen AntiamJ 3 replies
4656days GalCiv HoF is up at www.NeotechGaming.comDiplomat Blue_Steel 6 replies
4660days I am impressed...but want moreCitizen jwrichards 1 replies
4660days Governors Citizen Residuum 2 replies
4660days What happened to the really large galaxy - the one that didn't fit in the display screen?Citizen will5301960 1 replies
4660days Halut Ship MDLsCitizen Chippoka 11 replies
4661days Event Number helpCitizen Artemis40000 2 replies
4661days Hi, I am new to this gameCitizen amrogers3 8 replies
4662days 39% magic number?Citizen CrusherX7 1 replies
4662days Metaverse fixed againDiplomat Blue_Steel 19 replies
4664days Shock HorrorCitizen Artemis40000 4 replies
4664days Custom rules for humans only? Citizen Andemeh 5 replies
4664days Political party No.sCitizen Artemis40000 1 replies
4664days I.H.C centerCitizen Artemis40000 1 replies
4666days Need help, online ordred and I have a new computerCitizen Phier 2 replies
4667days Downloads Not WorkingCitizen BJK88 2 replies
4670days I can't believe...Citizen STEFAN THE GREAT 2 replies
4670days Get AP for shorter games?Citizen 01Anxiety 2 replies
4671days Question to the group about the Seldon mod...Citizen Atrahasis 1 replies
4674days I can't believe...Citizen STEFAN THE GREAT 0 replies
4674days United Planets?Citizen BJK88 2 replies
4674days Newbie, need help!Citizen renegadeangel 6 replies
4676days Stardock Central - This forum completely gone...Citizen Amaymon 9 replies
4677days +10% morale vs economy vs productionCitizen BlackMuppet 4 replies
4678days LDC Monitor problemsCitizen ShamusO 7 replies
4678days Really bad crashes rebooting my PCCitizen Achillus 14 replies
4679days Multiple planetary defensesCitizen Marangela 2 replies
4680days map editor problemsCitizen dave 74 0 replies
4680days Stardock Central going down the drain (again...)Citizen Amaymon 3 replies
4680days New Races in GalCiv IICitizen Strategos Risk 3 replies
4681days To all of the Canadian alliance. Citizen Thebestaintyou 1 replies
4682days A new 4x turn-based game is being developedCitizen KurtGodel7 8 replies
4683days Favourite Strategy GamesCitizen sd_568235 50 replies
4683days Few questions about the gameCitizen BJK88 2 replies
4685days A few questionsCitizen CrusherX7 2 replies
4686days All taxpayers fight to the death?Citizen drdestiny2000 13 replies
4686days Introduction & Questions (of course... newbie)Citizen Galactic Knight 29 replies
4686days Q: Technology VictoryCitizen Flinx_ca 8 replies
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