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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Political party No.s
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by Citizen Artemis40000 - 5/17/2005 10:11:44 AM

hi i thought id post a record or backup of the numbers i found for poitical party bonuses so here goes...
You know the "BonusType" bit:

0 = Economics
1 = Weapons
2 = Defence
3 = Speed
4 = Morale
5 = Pop. Growth
6 = Social Production
7 = Military Production
8 = Research
9 = Influence
10 = Trade
11 = Diplomacy
12 = Hit Points
13 = Repair
14 = Sensors
15 = Espionage
16 = Soldiering
17 = Interest Rates
18 = Palnet Quality
19 = Trade Routes
20 = Crime ?
21 = Cabinet ?
22 = Range
23 = Luck
24 = Courage
25 = Creativity
26 = Government
27 = Loyalty
28 = Logistics

not quite sure what Crime and Cabinet do though...
but im pretty sure there are no bonuses after 28 feel free to use any Bonus Value but dont take too much fun out of it
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#1  by Citizen Amaymon - 5/18/2005 5:14:26 AM

You're spending quite some time on this.

But try GalCiv Writer: Link

I think it's great that you invest so much time in this and post the values here to support other modders, but because of this it is only fair to tell you that some people perhaps won't honor your work as deserved.

Most modders here use GalCiv Writer, where you can edit Techs, PolParties, Events, Anomalies, Ships, Invasion Tactics, Improvements, StarBase modules, etc.
As you can directly select all boni you might want with the Writer, most people will do it that way.

As i have said i always like it if devoted modders put so much time and effort in it as you do, but as there were no replies to your posts i thought it might be because of the reasons i mentioned above.

For my part i'm eager to see your mods in the library section!

As this forum is pretty dead, you might want to check out The Galactic Core: Link

A lot of the big & famous players are there, most of the time you have answers to your posts pretty fast.

There's also a mini-rpg included, an arcade section, a pet's corner, a general gaming section - not to forget the GalCiv section....

Hope to see you there.


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