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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Get AP for shorter games?
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by Citizen 01Anxiety - 5/10/2005 1:42:38 PM

Hi folks,

I'm a long time fan of GalCiv, but haven't picked up AP yet . My time is very much constrained by a newborn, so I'm really looking for games that I can finish in small periods of time, an hour or two.

So, does anyone think that AP helps out in that regards? With the new starting conditions, it seems it might, but I don't want to pluck down the $20 until I really know.


#1  by Citizen Chipperoo - 5/10/2005 9:29:30 PM

It really depends on how you like to play the game. I can crank out Maso wins in under an hour, but the most enjoyable games are those that take days and days to win. The save option is all I can really steer you too...

To answer your question CAN you play a full game in an hour or two...yes. Do I think that is the best way to play this

In any event, welcome back to the game, and get ready for GCII in another year or so.

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#2  by Citizen Chippoka - 5/11/2005 6:00:13 PM

Time for either version? I personally don't think there is much difference in non-modified games. AP is basiclly the same game plus two new races, map editor, and a few other goodies. In addittion to the other posts, I'd say that it also depends on what mods you are using. I find games which have a large number of extra technology mods and new ship MDLs tend to cause longer games (in order to research them - if needed - depending on what they are). Of course, the size universe you play in makes a pretty good difference too. I play in the largest universes, AP edition, with lots of mods and new ships... It takes an average of 8 hours to do such games if I want to experience the full (or nearly) range of technolgies, combats, and whatnot; however, I generally know after the first two hours if I'll win, then I can end the game of go on for the fun of big battles and conquest.

BTW, I have two sets of ships group (mods): slow and fast. I ussually use the slow ship mod ship-set, thusly games take longer - but I love the exploring aspects and "openning" moments (about 2 hours) of the the game. Sooo... yet it "depends" - your tastes and skills, mods, VC preferences, and universe size...

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