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Few questions about the game
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by Citizen BJK88 - 4/28/2005 6:35:37 PM

Hello all. I'm contemplating buying the game, but first I'd like to know a few things. What is the military aspect of the game like? Is like the Civilization series where you can build as much of everything as you want and you move your units by spaces like a board game, or is it like Rise of Nations where you have a limit of units and your units can just move where ever during your turn? Is the game a turn based game, or is it a game where everyone moves at the same time? That's it for now. It looks really neat, but the last game that I bought look cool too but turned out to be a waste of money, so I'm just making sure that it is a good game before I commit.


#1  by Ambassador Ray the Wanderer - 4/28/2005 6:56:23 PM

Hi BK,

Galciv is definitely closer to Civ than Rise of Nations. You build stuff on your planets and you move them on a grid like space like a board game. It is turn-based and not real time.

I believe the demo should still be online at places like Gamespot or so I strongly advise you to check that out first.


Url for Galciv demo at Download: Link

Edit: One thing to note though is that the demo is rather dated and with the new free expansion and the numerous tweaks made since then, it's a much better game now.
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#2  by Citizen BJK88 - 4/28/2005 8:00:03 PM

Thanks. I'll check out the demo.


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