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United Planets?
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by Citizen BJK88 - 5/6/2005 9:40:17 PM

Is there any way to force a meeting? It seems to take forever before we gather. Also, one time the people voted on who they whould make the united planets leader or something and they voted for me, can anyone explain what this is and if there are any benefits with having it. Thanks in advance for any help.


#1  by Citizen Atrahasis - 5/7/2005 9:42:54 AM

I don't know of any way to force a meeting (or to choose an issue if leader); very interesting about being voted leader... can't help on any of those other to say "I don't think so".

#2  by Diplomat Peace Phoenix - 5/7/2005 2:26:23 PM

Is there any way to force a meeting?

No, you have a meeting every 4 years, starting at december 2181. But you need to have meet at least one alien.

I think that the leader has some influence bonus for few years.

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