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Dilemma with Altarian Prophecy (missing serial - well, kinda..)
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by Citizen DocDVD - 2/4/2006 9:34:35 AM


I'm in a little bit of a Dilemma. I wanted to reinstall GAlCiv on my newly installed gaming machine and realized that StarDock Central has only registered my GalCiv SerialNumber (which is correct, see below)

The Problem is, at the time when I wanted to preorder the Expansion I thought I try out a complete TGN Account (as the Expansion was included) and installed the Expansion later via that serial.

Well, the one year subscription is over for quite a while, so I'm wondering if I'm still able to download (and use) the Expansion for GalCiv once I have installed the game again?

Any help?

Best Regards

#1  by Citizen DocDVD - 2/4/2006 9:55:05 AM

Ah, well...missed the headline

I just found that SDC lists the Expansion under "Purchased Software" so I assume it should work.

I hope...

#2  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 2/6/2006 3:48:53 AM

I would be interested in the outcome. Please tell us the result.

#3  by Citizen DocDVD - 2/6/2006 2:50:57 PM

Worked fine, installed from CD, updated GalCic and then installed the Expansion via SDC.

I have to say:
StarDock = Ease of Use and CustomerFriendly

#4  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 2/7/2006 3:33:20 AM

StarDock = Ease of Use and CustomerFriendly

That's true when you use Windows. It would be really cool when Stardorck Central would work under LINUX. At least under WINE.

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