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What did they fix from the demo?
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by Citizen TruePurple - 4/13/2006 6:26:03 PM

I downloaded and have been playing the demo of civgal 2. But I found some problems with it. I know stuff is generally fixed and upgraded from demos, especially I suppose with this game since I hear they give more after purchase patches then most.

Here are a few issues I found playing. Please tell me if they have been addressed in the full & fully patched version of the game.

It would be really handy to be able to see how much tech points each technology costs & how many civs currently have X tech at a glance. This would make trading techs much much easier.

Also to be able to click on links that tell you exactly what each tech gives, both from the tech screen and from the negotiations screen. By this I mean, if it allows you to build a new structure,- how much production points that structure requires and how much bonus it gives/upkeep cost etc. Or if it allows a new ship component, what it gives/how much it costs.

Question on ship components, is their gold cost a direct reflection of how much build time it adds? Does gold cost only come into effect when rushing, purchasing, or upgrading but not when building?

Changing ship production should require you to start fresh on production time, at least if your using a different frame. Yet it should keep track of previous progress like its suppose to do with buildings and tech.

I say suppose to because I had a tech I accidentally switched away from, I switched back to finish learning the tech, the progress bar was nearly full and it said one turn, but it actually took 3 turns. Which is what it would normally take starting from scratch.

Despite the fact that ship production freely switches from one build to another, the estimated finish time does not reflect this.

Adding items to ships is very hard, since you can't really position the item 3d, which means if the point you want to affix it to is raised you have to both rotate the ship just right & move your mouse cursor just right. Plus items added sometimes go invisible on the attached items list and become impossible to remove. You have to start over.

Determine whether a ship range will be long enough to get to a location before you build your ship is another pain.

Also, it would be nice if there was a "blue print" type button that worked liked upgrade except kept previous stuff added beyond decoration. Especially handy if you can't remember how you set up that design. Or want to make a slight change to that design without starting over. (by default it would save by same name and not ask you if you were sure on saving over) And a option to change a designs name/description, without having to go into that design.

Please let me stress again, I understand its only a demo. That the full game with patches is bound to have improved allot. Have any/all of these issues I mention been addressed and how? Is there a list of additions and changes of patches I can access?
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#1  by Citizen TruePurple - 4/13/2006 7:25:28 PM

Two other issues.
When two ship are on top of each other the interface for creating a fleet covers up information like ship range and movement left.

One can't set AI intelligence and AI game boosts independent of each other.

Either of those been fixed in any way?

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