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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Arrrrrr Mateys!!!
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by Citizen EBZeroMatrix - 2/12/2006 5:05:41 AM

Hey, what's up everyone. It's been, hmm....YEARS?! since I've played GalCiv. Just wondering if anyone that knew me back in the day still plays .


#1  by Citizen Disciple777 - 2/13/2006 4:50:28 PM

Hi EBZero, nice seeing you around, did you ever finish that strategy you were working on?

#2  by Citizen Hegetaga - 2/16/2006 1:27:37 PM

EBZ!!! I havent played in years either. I actually ahve the disks sitting next to my laptop thinking of installing it again.

#3  by Citizen EBZeroMatrix - 2/22/2006 3:37:01 AM

Ahhhh, Hegetaga, I do remember you

As far as the GCCG(II) errr, wow, that was so long. I just recently checked the site, but now it's so old its historical:

I am not sure if this will signal my return at all. Most of my mates seem to have disappeared, and PBP... seems to be MIA (I can't play without the captain).

Well it's good to see at least one familiar face, perhaps I may see more


#4  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 2/22/2006 4:40:10 AM


for I get
"Sorry, but the page or the file that you're looking for is not here." from tripod?

I'm sure that you will see lots of your old mates at GC2. But some of them seem to use a new nick!?
[Message Edited]

#5  by Citizen EBZeroMatrix - 2/24/2006 2:55:31 AM

My apologies its:

Had to take out the www. part


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