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Earth treated differently UP events?
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by Citizen Mindblank - 11/22/2005 5:28:15 AM

Hi all,

This is my first post here. Even though I bought GalCiv when it came out, I didn't start playing it until about two weeks ago. This is when I discovered what a phenomenal game I had been missing out on. Anyways, that's just for introduction's sake.

The reason for my posting is as follows (and please forgive me if this has been brought up before - a search yielded no result though). In my last game, I got the "prison facility" voted for one of my planets, and it boosted my production on one of my colonies. Cool production bonus, until they rioted of course - but at that point, since I was churning out frigates and my first battleships, I could handle it.

But in my current game, the same event got voted on me fairly early in the game, just after the initial colonization rush. Only this time, the selected planet happened to be good old Earth... Great, I thought, I can really use the extra production boost this early. But when I check Earth's details, the supposed production bonus doesn't show up. This is disconcerting, because the UP decision clearly shows on the UP screen, and it has now been several turns. So I was wondering if there is a little bug or something, that makes Earth immune to such an event? Has anyone else noticed this? Anyway to circumvent it?

I have already noticed that if you change the name of the Sol system (I have developed a habit of adding codes to system names, like "Sol [SY]" to designate that this system specializes as a shipyard), the description "Mother Earth, where it all started, etc..." changes to "Colonized in year 0, Earth is etc...". Could it be linked to this? Note that since I discovered this, I have decided never to change the name of the Sol system, so in my current game with the non-functioning prison facility, Earth still has its original "Mother Earth" description.

And a subsidiary question to those veterans out there: is there any way at all to prevent the prison from rioting? For example, does it help to have warships in orbit in that system? Or is the rioting just purely random?

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks!

#1  by Senator Drengin - 11/22/2005 7:57:22 AM

Never had that problem myself. The only time i got it on Earth i had a fleet of ships in orbit and had no issues. However i still rush-built a few transports and fully loaded them, just in case! Not sure why the production bonus is not showing up though.. I take it you checked on F4 for bonus percentage gained?

As for asking a few of the old timers here... Try the link below as a lot of the veterans hang out there, including the Metaverse No.1 'Technician'

The Galactic Core

A Galciv Fansite

#2  by Citizen Mindblank - 11/22/2005 9:23:30 AM

hello there, Darth Griffin, and thanks for your input.

When I hit F4 I get the domestic policy screens, and I'm not sure how I can see planet bonuses here. Or did you mean the planet info screen, where you have the little paragraph describing the colony? That's where I always look for planet specific bonuses. And that's where I'm checking as I'm typing, and the only production bonus showing up for Earth is +45%, which comes from a fusion plant and a manufacturing center.

The interesting thing in your example is that you also got the prison established on Earth. Now, do you remember if the prison specific production bonus (how much is it, anyone, btw?) showed on the colony screen? Or did you just assume it was there without checking?

#3  by Senator Drengin - 11/22/2005 10:32:56 AM

When it happened (and thats some time ago now) i received a 30% production bonus and, yup it was shown in the planetary info screen, not the empire screen as i first described.

Havent had that happen now for ages, probably since Galciv was upgraded on Stardock Central. However all i did was ensure my morale on that planet was at 100% for the duration of the event.

#4  by Citizen Mindblank - 11/23/2005 6:34:15 AM

Actually, on both occasions where I had the prison UP event, it was after my game was fully upgraded just days ago on Stardock Central. I never had it before, but then I've only played the game for a bout two weeks. I should also note that I play with the Altarian Prophecy add-on (I'm playing a regular campaign though, not the series of nine scenarios).

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