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Submitting problem
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by Citizen Mandrall - 4/26/2009 5:36:02 PM

My submitted game didn't come to the metaverse, and I don't know why. As I enter the submit button (when you have ended a game), and then go to for checking, but my completed game does not appear on my score list. I am a registryed player in metaverse, and I have also updated galciv 1 to latest version (1.12). So what can the problem be?

It just making me annyoid, because all the time I have put for making the score, well the fun counts first, but my score, around 13500!

#1  by Citizen Dragonshrike - 4/27/2009 6:17:55 PM


The scoring system has been down for about one month. I have contacted Stardock and they say it is on the Web Developer's list of fixes. However, after one month, it is obviously not a priority of theirs. Do what I am doing -- which is saving each game to resubmit once it is operational again (sometime this decade?).


#2  by Citizen Tregonsee - 5/1/2009 12:56:36 AM

Why dont they do the same fix as last time they had this problem?

#3  by Citizen Tregonsee - 5/13/2009 9:01:50 AM

It is fixed now, I was able to post

#4  by Citizen Mandrall - 6/3/2009 3:04:41 PM

OK, great!

#5  by Citizen Dragonshrike - 6/23/2009 8:32:26 AM

Of course now it's broken AGAIN!

#6  by Citizen Tregonsee - 6/28/2009 12:45:56 PM

Well, I could not log on, but now I can, so things are getting better. I will try to submit later today

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