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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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by Citizen Geocacher - 12/6/2007 3:12:20 PM

How many starbases do you like to have in a sector to help planets with their production? Do you start to suffer penalties with too many in a sector? Thanks for any help

#1  by Citizen Zerenoth9 - 12/6/2007 3:13:21 PM

I don't think so. But I lik3e to spread out my starbases so all my planets get bonuses.

#2  by Citizen civgal - 12/7/2007 11:02:30 AM

I have not experimented much with starbases yet but I would be a player that would build them spread out too, but I got to make sure that I can defend my starbases too.

#3  by Citizen Zerenoth9 - 12/11/2007 3:11:26 PM

With defense of starbases, I always build up defense first and keep sending constructors there, Unless I'm by more than 1 rescourse.

#4  by Citizen Geocacher - 12/12/2007 3:22:25 PM

I still have so much to learn about this game! I was in a battle with the Dregnin when one of my ships flew into an area with my Terror Stars. My precusor Ranger had his 'speed' go from 10 - 40, what fun!
At what level of ability does the computer start to actively use Terror Stars? One more question, what is the highest level of defense you have encountered when invading a planet? I ran into a planet that was def 41 that I had to overwhelm in numbers to take with conventional warfare. Well back to the game

#5  by Citizen Zerenoth9 - 12/12/2007 8:59:33 PM

Why the heck are you using regular warfare. I always use tidal disruptors.

#6  by Citizen Geocacher - 12/13/2007 3:18:52 PM

I just hate messing up a planets enhancements or quality with Tidal Disruptors or Core attacks, although I do like the mini soldiers on occasion.

#7  by Citizen Zerenoth9 - 12/13/2007 7:24:44 PM

Wimp. How can you win without sacrifice?

#8  by Citizen Geocacher - 12/14/2007 3:10:52 PM

I win just fine thanks, the sacrifice is in the soldiers I lose as opposed to the planet enhancements or quality. Better to have a fully functioning planet than dead weight screwing up my economy.

#9  by Citizen Zerenoth9 - 12/14/2007 5:15:46 PM

So don't use planet killers, duh.

#10  by Citizen Geocacher - 12/14/2007 7:01:30 PM

Wait, are you trying to say there is only one way to play this game? lol. I mean get a grip, it is just a way I enjoy playing. Don't remember bashing anyone for their strategy...jeez.

#11  by Citizen Zerenoth9 - 12/16/2007 5:23:35 PM

Sorry. I didn't me3an to offend you. It's my strategy to use tidal disruptors because it doesn't damage pq and not all improvements are destroyed.

#12  by Citizen Tregonsee - 12/17/2007 12:15:42 AM

Or you could use two separate attacks, first one with Tidal/Gas. You want to NOT take over the system with this first attack. It softens the defense with the extra attacks, but since you did not actually take the planet, there will be no penalties. Then attack normally.

#13  by Citizen Zerenoth9 - 12/17/2007 3:14:04 PM

I like you tregonsee. When did you join and how are you such a good helper at this?

#14  by Citizen Tregonsee - 12/18/2007 3:38:44 AM

I joined about a year and a half ago (I think). If you go through the old strategy forums, you can find all sorts of things.

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