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metaverse confusion
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by Citizen lord vadar - 6/27/2005 11:56:15 PM

Hi, Im new to gal civ, i just beat my first game on simple difficulty and submitted my score. Do i get posted anywhere on the site or do i have to be really good to get that?

#1  by Veteran Evil Roy - 6/28/2005 1:09:58 AM

hi lord vadar, you should have the score against your nick. Have you registered?

#2  by Citizen lord vadar - 6/28/2005 11:57:42 AM

I have registerd, but I submitted my score before i registered. Thats probably why it wont show up. Thnx for the help!

#3  by Veteran DarkAssassin - 7/4/2005 9:54:47 PM

you roy, dark here again, i am also having problems submitting but i can't remember if i am to submit under my original user name or my new user name

maybe i'll bother cari again....hehe

#4  by Veteran Evil Roy - 7/4/2005 11:32:46 PM

u az to submit under your registered player name and not your nick name. i, evil roy, fer instance, az to submit under my registered player name which iz evil steve.

welcome back DarkAssassin!

#5  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 7/5/2005 4:20:36 AM

You can load your EndGame.sav any time and submit again.

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