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The Galactic Core Forums
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by Senator Drengin - 11/7/2005 7:07:56 PM

The Galactic Core Forums

The Galactic Core forums are the new home for the old diplomats-empire forums! Revamped, redesigned and with a much more user-friendly look these forums contain sections for Galciv1, Galciv2 and many more games.

Included in the forums you will find many of the mods made for GC1, a Help & Support area for game issues and hardware issues, game reviews, software links, competitions, polls, our renowned ADR RPG game and much, much more.

You will find amongst our members the infamous GC1 legend Technician, CariElf and many other top Galciv players..

The Galactic Core forums are an independent forum who are not affiliated with any of the Galciv 'Empires'.

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