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Problem with your anti-piracy policy
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by Citizen psyche1618 - 9/26/2005 3:51:49 PM

i bought my copy of galciv in a store, when it was new.
i lost interest in the game at some point and deleted it.
yesterday i wanted to install it again (after years...and having moved three times).
the installer told me:
"please insert your key code, which is either on your galciv cd or your galciv manual"
well - no code on the cd. and i am pretty sure that i threw away the manual years ago.
so i talked to a friend via icq, who brought me a serial number from hell (i am far too stupid/lazy to use warezsites). i installed the game...only to see that it will exit after a certain amount of turns calling me a pirate.

well... i have an original cd. i have paid 49,95 € for the damn game. i am really pissed off and will for sure never buy any of your products again if no one is going to tell me how i can prove my right to actually play the game really quickly...

#1  by Citizen psyche1618 - 9/26/2005 7:09:10 PM

I was off for some hours.
A minute ago i finally found an information on the site of the publisher for germany:
"no key replacement"

So excuse me for all those stupid questions, please.
None the less i am a bit upset...having a 50 € product i cannot use any more cause i lost the manual.
Why is such a type of copy protection used?

I have all my CDs in a small case and have kept none of the boxes, manuals etc.
This is the only game i could not reinstall ever. *sigh*

#2  by Citizen ravagon - 9/26/2005 7:31:10 PM

Shouldn't Stardock have your cd-key on file (assuming that you registered it and downloaded their patches and upgrades)?

Failing that you could at least contact their tech support people to see whether there's any other way to retrieve a lost cd key ...

#3  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 9/28/2005 1:12:21 AM

Hi psyche1618,

ich kann verstehen, dass Du frustriert bist.

Du kannst aber weder Stardock noch den deutschen Vertriebspartner dafür verantwortlich machen (auch wenn die sich nicht gerade mit Ruhm bekleckert haben) wenn Du den Key verlierst ... Das ist bei allen anderen Spielen und vielen Programmen genauso.

Ich sehe auch die einzige Möglichkei darin de Key zurückzubekommen, wenn Du Dich bei Stardock mit einer Email-Adresse registriert hattest. Dann können Sie ihn Dir zuschicken.

In der "Stardock Central" gibt es unter "Registration Info" z.B. "Lookup serial number". Es geht aber auch durch eine Mail an die Support-Adresse.

Diesen Service bieten übrigens keineswegs alle Hersteller. Insofern ist Stardock da sogar noch ein Vorbild.

Ansonsten kann ich Dir nur den Neuerwerb empfehlen. Bei ebay wird GalCiv zur Zeit inklusive des Add-On für 19,99€ angeboten. Ich spiele das Spiel jetzt schon seit Jahren und habe immernoch Spaß daran.

[Message Edited]

#4  by Citizen Amaymon - 9/29/2005 2:05:31 PM

Wenn Du die CD ja noch hast, kannst Du's auch mit einem Foto davon versuchen, bzw. die CD selbst nach vorheriger Anfrage beim Support einschicken. Hab' das vor Jahrhunderten auch mal gemacht und damals das Spiel neu bekommen. War allerdings nicht StarDock damals.

#5  by Citizen Walldorf2000 - 10/4/2005 2:56:22 AM

Do you still have a saved game? The serial is burried in there.

#6  by Avatar Frogboy - 10/10/2005 12:22:00 AM

Don't know what to tell you.

Anyone who registers the game here at not only has their serial # stored but unlimited access to download the full latest version. 

Hence, even if someone loses their CDs AND serial #, their account here would be enough to redownload the game.

For example, WallDorf2000 could lose his serial AND CDs and still just load up Stardock Central and re-download the game. That's because he created a account.

We have no control of the game once it's put into a box. That's up to Strategy First or whoever is your local publisher.  Stardock just made the game.

#7  by Citizen SilentAlfa - 10/10/2005 10:16:47 AM

A question. Could we get a free download if we bought the game and it didnt work, by showing you a receipt or something?

#8  by Diplomat Peace Phoenix - 10/10/2005 2:11:59 PM

A question. Could we get a free download if we bought the game and it didnt work, by showing you a receipt or something?

Well, if you have bought the game, you surely have a serial id. You just need to register the game here ( Link), then use Stardock Central to do a lookup on serial id and download the full game

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