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Early conquest victory scores so low...
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by Citizen Hitherto - 6/27/2011 8:37:45 AM

Hey all!

For my third game I choose war party on tiny map with normal difficulty. Without much resistance from AIs I was able to conquer map before 2188... And I waited for reasonable high score after reading this words in manual scoring section: "as well as increasing the value of a quick win" (formula has been modified), but I get only ~2900 points. After submitting I replayed this game from the end, try to get cultural victory, but without success - after 2-3 years of pointless waiting (while my population grows very much), I just crushed pet enemy and then get much "munchkinned" score ~6000.

And so, this was my second frustration from the game scoring system (first was 60k limit).

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