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Do you still think GalCiv 1 is fun even with GalCiv II out?
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Can it be true?
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by Citizen Atrahasis - 5/11/2005 12:54:04 AM

that NOBODY has an answer to my question about the Seldon mod? 15 hours after the question was posted and not one response yet....

#1  by Veteran Evil Roy - 5/11/2005 1:36:09 AM


#2  by Citizen Atrahasis - 5/11/2005 1:43:17 AM


I agree, it iz not. But OK, alright... I'll stop asking and just find out on my own.

#3  by Diplomat Technician - 5/11/2005 8:25:34 AM

Sorry Atrahasis, hopefully Moser sees the thread in the core and remembers the mod.

The only thing I did not like was the mention in the readme file saying the mod may cause balance issues.

Evil Roy good to see you around, come drop by the Core sometime.

#4  by Citizen Chippoka - 5/11/2005 6:51:43 PM

Perhaps ask the question in the mods forum...

Also keep in mind these forums are fairly "quiet." There are a number of superior forum/fan sites that no doubt many of the GC/AP fans use and meet at instead of meeting here in this limited forum/board (in terms of the norm otherwise available most other places on the net).

Anyway, this Seldon mod... Give a link to it. I use lots of mods in combination, and certainly no longer remember the orginal mod names or thier authors. Most mods are focused on only a few things, so it is common to combine mods... if the Seldon Mod was a massive set of changes and addittions to the data folders, then I doubt I ever down-loaded it.

Also, I have noticed some such mods don't use new ship MDLs for thier unique ships... that often drives me away from the mod... in fact, I spent a lot of time making my own new ship graphics (MDL files) since there are so few actually available. See the mod section of these forums for details if interested --- it is a complete package (no set theme), too large to up-load here (due to all the ship gfx MDL files and mod mixing issues), so it is at my FTP online.... Link
[Message Edited]

#5  by Citizen Atrahasis - 5/12/2005 3:51:47 AM

Thanks for the great ideas!

#6  by Citizen Atrahasis - 5/12/2005 3:53:53 AM

BTW- Seldon mod is on page 3 of the GalCiv Library section. Just go to Library page three. No need to choose a special category.

#7  by Citizen Chippoka - 5/12/2005 6:03:24 AM

OK, I DL'd it and took a look.

It has great possibilities if one is NOT using similar mods already which do the same sorts of things.

One really doesn't want to install 20 assorted terraforming mods which improve the planet PQ excessively. The player has to pick and choose when given several of the same sorts of mods to choose from. This is, of course, if you don't want to depart too extremely from the original flavor of the game and it's basic play balance.

The Seldon mod uses existing MDL files, except the monsterious mod by Amaymon (which I also use, and have improved, giving the Leviathan its own MDL so it doesn't color up and look just like the regular monsters). There are NO truely new ship graphics. There are number of interesting ships offered and perhaps I'll make unique ship MDL graphic files for them and add them to my own on-line mod collection... completely play-balanced with all the other ships.

The mod offers lots of improvement mods as well. Again, many of these duplicate mod effects already available in other mods which I already use or have created on my own -- still... there are some possibilities.

Ditto to the new technologies offered.

This looks like a great "theme" mod which would be a fine addition to a player's game if not already using too many other mods; especailly not using mods which duplicate the effects of the Seldon mods.

Myself? I prefer no real hard core theme type of mods packages. For example, I use ideas from Star Trek, Far Scape, Star Gate, Star Wars, B5, various space games, and other TV SciFi shows. I like to use an assortment of mods together (play balanced as much as practical; i.e., making minor adjustments to the mods). In my own over-all game configuration I use the orginal ships as they are plus new ships (with thier own seperate graphics); and use various tech, party, and imp mods.

Below is a list of mods I use and/or where adapted for use (some these mods are big on there own - some may have been updated by the original authors after my abtaining them for use):

Nanotechnology by JesusOfBorg (this mod was greatly added onto by me for the extensive Borg modifications made for "evil" players; includes ship graphics, improvements, and new technology paths)

Malleus Xeno Religious Thought by Malleus
Improvements by MrKorx
The Great Institutes by Icho Tolot (a really nice mod)
Culture Capital by Yordrony8888
Religious Capital by Yordrony8888

Good/Evil Improvement Pak by Nand1 (and Bpeshek and Kryofx - this is a large mod package, very good)

Enhanced Terrorforming by JesusOfBorg (don't need other PQ mods if using this mod)

New Improvements 2 by Nand1 (nice mod, lots of goodies)
New Improvements by Nand1 (ditto)
Subspace Travelling by Yordrony8888
Taquionic Field by Yordrony8888
The Force Teck Pak by Jedi Master Yoda
Metallized Skin by LBytes
Extended Invasion Strategies by Malleus
Smuggling by Frogboy (for evil players)
Vorlon Dreadnought ship (adapted) orginally by Coplann
WhiteStar Ranger ship by Coplann
The Monstrous Mod by Amaymon (and Turgoz Z; added more graphics by me)
Tactical Missile by Yuri1971 and MDL by me
Photon Mines MK1 and MK2 by Andre O (and MDLs by me)
New Domestic Governer Graphic (General Hammond) by Darth Griffin
Jedi Party by Grand Admiral Sherbert

The Evil Pack by Icho Tolot (another nice large mod with lots of goodies)

Research Inc Party by Darth Griffin
Gross Empire Party by Yordrony8888
Weather Control Pack by Grand Admiral Sherbert
Scorched Earth by Morden (a must have, but I improved it an made it cost a lot)

Plus lots of new Ship data files and Graphic MDLs, some helpful ideas and some initial graphics from Amaymon, Icho Tolot, and others.

Plus New Telapathic Technology paths and Parties for players aligned "good" --- by me (to counter the late-game Borg mods).

Spy Master Party, Theocrat Party, and Environmentalist Party done by me.

Plus --- I'm always looking for recommendations for what other mods (or parts of large mod collections) to add to this collection. I would be interested in which UP_Issues, Anomaly and Event mods might be worth adding. I'm looking at adding Icho's Halut ship pack mod to my collect. It apparently uses unique new ship graphic MDLs; I only recently saw it the Libary; err, perhaps some of the ships can be made to be "plac-holders" for some of the Seldon ships (need to investigate).

#8  by Citizen Atrahasis - 5/12/2005 2:26:36 PM

Very cool info, thank you very much! A quick further question, however: what do you have that incorpoates Far Scape, B5 and Stargate?

#9  by Citizen Chippoka - 5/12/2005 5:44:57 PM

New Ship Graphics, as MDL files. See the link for a jpg picture of a mix of various new creations. Click to open it from that location (it's not a zip file).

Far Scape: I made Moya , a super troop transport carrier; plus I did a Skarren Dreadnaught (the meanest badest ship in the mid-game that the AI loves to use - darn it - several anti-matter missiles are needed to destroy it; or use about 10 nuke missles against it)

B5: I re-did an existing MDL mod by Copelann of a Vorlon ship; plus the White Star as well. These originally were large files and didn't color up well according to ownership. Now they do. I used a new design for the Vorlon ship that is based on Copelan's singe frame jpg picture.

Star Gate: I've done the Asgard Ship: Thor's Hammer; plus, Earth's new ship, the Prometheus. Oh, not to forget, I did a Goa'uld Ha'Tack class warship as well.

Lost In Space: I did the Jupiter II space ship (it is used as a early colony ship before the regular colony ship). The regular colony is availabe at Impulse Tech.

Star Trek: The DS-9 Space Station (a battle station that can't move very fast; big on defense and armor); plus the Borg Cube and Trans-Phasic Torpedoes. The DS-9 station can survive most attacks for a long time; but are expensive. Borg cubes are very rarely ever seen; a late game ship.

Again, the mod package I put together brings all this stuff together into one functional play-balanced package which includes many pre-existing mods by other people as well. The package has no solid theme... just a mixture of stuff. I feel it still keeps fairly well with the basic concepts or flavor of the game.

Many of the new ship MDL files are animated too (unlike most of what is avialable in the original release of the game or elsewhere).

All these ships still work well with the original ships and the AI uses a mixture of them; save thier love for making some Skarren Dreadnaughts at certain times. Where they get all that money for maintenace for those things is beyond me, lol.

#10  by Veteran Cosmic Fox - 6/12/2005 10:29:44 AM

Funny stuff!

#11  by Citizen Madai831 - 11/21/2014 1:41:03 PM

Hi, I wrote the mod, and enjoy using it myself. Sorry for the late response!
It was the first (and only) mod I wrote.
"The AI values not adjusted which may cause balance issue" -- What I think that means(been a while!) is, given a choice of learning the built-in techs or seldon techs first, the AI will value the built-in techs more, even if the seldon tech gives more benefit.
One of the critiques of the mod was that it hands out too many bonuses, aka "Monty Haul". I increased the costs to make it fairer based on the input from the people who tested it, but the rewards are still on the rich side.
I welcome people to make changes and tune it further.
I totally agree with Chippoka that stacking it with other PQ-boosting mods can make things very crazy.
Happy playing!

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