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Star Wars mod now available
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by Citizen MadMaz - 5/26/2003 12:06:32 PM

I did this on a whim, but I've had a lot of fun with it, so I thought I'd share. I just can't get enough of Darth Vader saying "I'm altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it further" on the negotiation screen. This mod replaces all the alien pictures, movies and music. btw, most of the races have different movies, and, in some cases, different sounds depending on your relations with them.

Star Wars Mod HQ (51 megs) - Link Films have higher bitrate than...
Star Wars Mod LQ (26 megs) - Link
Star Wars Mod Extra Music (32 megs) - Link Replaces the six main songs and the intro theme with various songs from the 5 movies. This is not really necessary. If you have the soundtracks, setting up a playlist will give you a lot more variety.
JavaScout's Galciv Database PDA version - Link Totally unrelated to mod and about 3 weeks out of date. Thought I'd link it, since it's on the same site.

Hope you enjoy it. If you have feedback, I'd love to hear it. Just post it in this thread.

- Madmaz

p.s. special thanks to LazyBastard for giving me the space to put this on

#1  by Citizen Cryptbeef - 5/26/2003 12:11:39 PM

Cool... but way too large for me to download

#2  by Diplomat Technician - 5/26/2003 12:54:49 PM

Cool, thanks.

#3  by Diplomat fleabitfox - 5/26/2003 1:25:04 PM

um.. any chance you'll replace the ships?

We need more ship mods darnit! Wait.. we need ANY ship mods!

I have photoshop, and I am going to try to convert several of the SEIV ship sets over to GalCiv, but won't be easy, since I am not PhotoShop skilled, and not very artsy, either. The instructions that came with the ship encoder were nice, but sort of like greek to me. I am going to try to muddle through them though. I mean.. they are well written, but I am to dense to understand them, being non artistically inclined.


#4  by Citizen MadMaz - 5/26/2003 2:02:41 PM

No, I'm not really interested in it enough to spend time doing that. But if you are, I wouldn't worry about having artistic skill. If you're just converting their work, you're not going to need much. You just to learn the basics of Photoshop, which are pretty straightforward and how to use the conversion programs. btw, there's a Civ III star wars mod that also has a lot of stuff you could use, and they have no problem with that as long as you credit them.

#5  by Citizen StarDevilThrull - 5/26/2003 2:29:04 PM

OMG! The Darth Vader .mp3 is great! You outdid your self on the music and movies... too funny.

I know what you mean about Vader. On my old win95 machine on bootup I had him saying (as though to Obi Wan) "You should not have come back!". Made reboots after crashes a little less annoying

My personal fav on your .mp3s is the Tashi Station line

..and what the hell is up with that smugglers video?!? You are a sick and twisted man you know that?

Alright, if somebody does ships I will be ecstatic. Good job MadMaz!

"I wouldn't be so proud of this Terror Star you've created. The ability to destroy a system is insignificant next to the power of my trade goods!"

#6  by Citizen MadMaz - 5/26/2003 3:12:40 PM

I'm glad you like it, Thrull The only problem is that I never want to eliminate the "drengin" anymore because then I wouldn't get to talk to him

Cool... but way too large for me to download

Cryptbeef, I made a super lo quality version that may be small enough for you. It doesn't replace the Yor, which isn't a big loss since the movie/mp3 for the mon calamari were pretty much just filler. And now all the sounds are 48kbps. It sounds pretty shallow for SW music, but I guess it's passable.

Star Wars Mod SLQ(12 megs) - Link

#7  by Veteran Freya - 5/26/2003 5:12:10 PM

Is this officially supported by SDC? Since it's a sticky?

#8  by Citizen StarDevilThrull - 5/26/2003 6:03:15 PM

Is this officially supported by SDC? Since it's a sticky?

You know better then that! The moderators are being nice... it's news-worthy so they stickied it rather than having it drift down through the forum.

(plus it prevents endless *bumps* )

Surely if something is officially supported it will be expressed as so, and / or appear in the library.

I imagine there will be a lot of sci-fi mods for GalCiv in the coming months
Obviously Stardock can't be expected to host or support them!

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#9  by Veteran wampyre - 5/26/2003 8:44:40 PM

Sorry to say but the small 12 meg file is corrupt Downloaded the files to my AOL download folder, but when I tried to open it I got the corrupt file message.

#10  by Citizen MadMaz - 5/26/2003 8:57:34 PM

No need to be sorry. I just downloaded it and tested the archive, and it worked fine. Since AOL, in general, is evil, I'm guessing it has something to do with that. Perhaps you can use a different program to download it (I'm assuming you're using some proprietary browser.) Maybe an ftp program that lets you enter URLs, or a download manager like GetRight. But I haven't used AOL since the early 90's, so I'm just guessing.

#11  by Citizen Sloejack - 5/27/2003 10:04:37 AM

We need more ship mods darnit! Wait.. we need ANY ship mods!

Doing the ship mods wouldn't be too difficult but there's a couple of issues to overcome. There are 25 ship types for GC. In all of the SW movies to date, I don't think there are more than 9 or 10 ships for even the most fleshed out group which would be from the last 3 movies where it was basicly the rebels vs. the empire. If you look at Episodes I and II, then it gets trickier because instead of having two factions (for lack of a better term) you've got a bunch of splinters that eventually role up into the rebels and the empire later.

I'm not saying that this is impossible, just that some creative license would have to be taken to recreate all of the possible ships within GC with a SW theme.

Additionally, the other annoyance is that you can't have civ specific ships so while you have civ specific models some compromise would have to be made about the ship naming scheme.

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#12  by Citizen MojoJojoUK - 5/27/2003 10:07:19 AM

Surprised this is stickied. Lets hope LucasArts don't read these forums.

#13  by Veteran wampyre - 5/27/2003 10:23:35 AM

Mad, I'll try again. I use aol for all downloading (including the updates/bonus packs for GalCiv) and once downloaded, have had 100% success in unzipping/opening etc.
Do you recommend opening the file directly or saving it yo the hard drive, THEN opening it? (2 choices I get when I click on your link.)

#14  by Citizen Geckomind - 5/27/2003 4:54:05 PM

Cool! Good work. Downloading right now...
BTW: Is Boba Fett in it? I just love Boba Fett!!!!

"...and NO disintegrations!!!"

                 Posted via Stardock Central
#15  by Avatar ScottTykoski - 5/27/2003 8:13:02 PM

ROFL!!!!!  The happy Yor jsut made my day!    Great work on those,  MadMaz..hopefully those tutorials helped a bit
[Message Edited]

#16  by Citizen MadMaz - 5/27/2003 9:51:52 PM

Thanks for the compliment Boogie Yeah, that guy is a riot. You should see the full thing. And, ah, tutorial?!? Now you tell me. I just did a search in the mod forum and found it. Of your 3 tutorials, that's the only one that's not stickied. Just my luck

Vridian: sorry, there's no boba, but he'd be a good one to add. He spent a lot of his screen time just standing there, which would be perfect for the diplomacy window.

wampyre: I don't think it would matter, but I'd save it. If you're still having problems with it, I'd ask someone who uses AOL.

#17  by Citizen StarDevilThrull - 5/27/2003 10:08:32 PM

The funniest Star Wars parody thing I have ever seen is in Rouge Squadron (the original). If you enter a certian cheat code it plays all of the movies Mystery Science 3000 theatre style with little shadows if C3PO, R2 and Yoda in the lower right like they are in the theatre. It has a ton of outright hilarious lines in. Tears were rolling down my face it was so funny (but lets face it, simple minds are easily amused )

If you can get a copy of this game do a search on the internet for cheat codes... it's worth the price of admission just to see Vader staring out the port window of the Super Star Destroyer and say "and can't someone wash these windows? I mean after all I do for you guys!"

#18  by Veteran kryo - 5/28/2003 11:10:56 AM

There are 25 ship types for GC. In all of the SW movies to date, I don't think there are more than 9 or 10 ships for even the most fleshed out group

There should be plenty of ships if you gather from the X-Wing/TIE games or Extended Universe, although modders may need to take a little liberty when matching up which ships should replace which, as not all ships have an evquivalent on the other side...

                         Posted via Stardock Central
#19  by Citizen matj654 - 5/29/2003 12:47:29 PM

Cool! I am going to download it right now.

#20  by Diplomat Technician - 5/29/2003 8:32:15 PM

One of the races were replaced with the "Jaba the Hut".

Which was cool, but all the sudden an annoying Indian Guy starts making some noise and dancing. Not good, not really Star Wars either.

#21  by Diplomat Technician - 5/29/2003 8:32:51 PM

Sorry browser went crazy.
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#22  by Diplomat Technician - 5/29/2003 8:33:00 PM

Darth Vader is really cool.
[Message Edited]

#23  by Citizen MadMaz - 5/29/2003 9:13:40 PM

Don't fret, tech! Happy Indian guy was hired by Jabba to celebrate the greatness of your empire. It's completely kosher star wars canon

#24  by Veteran obbana - 5/31/2003 11:52:12 AM

Auch! this sounds cool..
gonna download this right away!!

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