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Belua? Pirates?
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by Citizen Kavok - 3/31/2003 3:02:49 PM

Often in my games ill check the first option in the diplomacy screen with another race.. and ill usually find them at war with the Belua and Pirates.. I have even had them ask me for help against the Belua once. Any answers for this?

#1  by Diplomat Dearmad - 3/31/2003 3:11:40 PM

Yeah I noticed this too... also I've noticed that races will ALLY with themselves... huh?

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#2  by Citizen David Schapira - 3/31/2003 3:18:15 PM

Belua is the space shark. Pirates will appear at various timnes in the game and will attack freighers and starbases.


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#3  by Diplomat Dearmad - 3/31/2003 3:31:35 PM

But I've had no announcement of the event, and they are at war with them for a long time.

#4  by Veteran azakain - 3/31/2003 3:59:12 PM

I think that everyone is always at war with the pirates and space sharks. No matter if they have shown up or not, when they do, they are enemies of everyone.

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#5  by Citizen Jeff George - 3/31/2003 4:59:11 PM

On an aside, has anybody noticed that it seems your most defended planet is always listed as Thindor? What's that all about?

#6  by Citizen Kavok - 3/31/2003 5:58:10 PM

I have NEVER seen a pirate, space sharks occasionally but they arent really an empire.

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#7  by Citizen PriestOfDiscord - 3/31/2003 7:03:06 PM

I would also like to know about "Thindor" if anyone knows.

#8  by Diplomat Dearmad - 3/31/2003 7:26:03 PM

Agh that planet name shows up EVERYWHERE! It's always listed as my best defended planet even when it's in the Heart of the Drengin Empire! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

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